January 2006 Voting Results for BIC!

--- General ---
"Change of Heart" by Dazdnconfusd730 21
"Blade of Destiny" by Slyfer911 15
"Fight For Freedom" by WeirdDutchGuy 15
"The Arena" by E2K 14
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 10
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 9
"Lost and Found" by Slyfer911 8
"The Distance From Yesterday" by Fish 7

--- Other ---
"Chains" by Dragonfree 18
"May Oh May" by Goddess Foier 13
"Aquarius" by Clare 11
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 11
"When The Rain Falls Up" by Kitten 10
"A Missing Adventure" by Soccerpixie 8

--- AAMRN ---
"Fragile" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 26
"Best Friends Never Say Goodbye" by Clone Ash Satoshi 24
"Why?" by Cultnirvana 23
"Wedding Crasher" by Aalitchi 22
"Ban of Friends" by Aalitichi 21
"Let Love Be Your Energy" by Cultnirvana 21
"Triangle of Love" by DayDreamer 21
"Exposing The Truth!" by Ashla 19
"Love That Blossoms" by A Couple Of Doves 18
"When Hearts Are Aglow" by A Crazy Girl 18
"Absolution" by Cultnirvana 18
"You're All I Want For Christmas" by Kitten 18
"Haunted" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 17
"The Box" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 17
"Where The Heart Is" by Pikagurl23 17
"On a Winter's Night" by E2K 16
"Whenever, Wherever" by RAW19 16
"Creatures of the Night" by Crow Skywalker 15
"The Company" by Clover 13
"Lost Thoughts" by Legacy 13
"The Anniversary" by Legacy 13
"I'm The Only Guy!" by Pika44 13
"Through Mine Eye" by Rashad Scorpio 13
"A Sensual Understanding" by The Boss Geo 13
"Phantom" by Pink Falcon 11
"The Master Chronicles I: All's Fair in Street Love and Crime Wars" by Marowak Wakback 9
"Pokemon, Kaci's Story: Prophesy of the Small One" by Magicgalkairi 8
"Travelin' Soldier" by Gary's Girl 6

--- JAJRN --- No Entries This Time

--- Team Rocket --- No Entries This Time

--- Crossovers ---
"Kanto Sentai PokéRanger" by Ari Rockefeller 18
"Sonnet of Adventure" by Lonepichu 15

--- Other Trainer ---
"Sapphire Sunsets" by Torchick 24
"Emerald Ashes" by Torchick and Twisted Alyx 24
"The Spirit Of Fire" by Kitten 18
"Insight" by Torchick 13
"This Is Your Time" by Greenfield's Thunder Aroura 11
"Katum Kanto Journeys" by Tony 7