March Voting Results for RCA!

"CODE NAME: Ashura" by Legacy 19
"The Ultimate Trainer" by The Terminatress 18
"Lord of Fire" by Nova C.M. 13
"Master of My Destiny" by Topaz 13
"The Truth in a Kiss" by Legacy 12
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 11
"Ash & Misty House Party" by TyroneJ 10
"To Thine Own Self Be True" by Trish 10
"Hearts of Desire" by CCHHCC 10
"Whispering Darkness" by Crysta 9
"The Scyther Saga" by Neo-Raziel 6
"Big Rai Story: Book I" by Big Rai 4
"Big Rai Story: Book II" by Big Rai 4

Total Votes 139