March 2002 Voting Results for RCA!

'On The Wings Of Council' by Topaz 21
'BadgeQuest: The America Chronicles' by CyberWraith9 18
'Ash's Past' by The Terminatress 18
'The Ultimate Trainer: Part II' by The Terminatress 18
'A Part Well Played' by Togepretty 17
'Game Of Truths' by Legacy 17
'Legend' by Aaliyah 14
'A Love Letter' by Legacy 14
'Master The Unexpected' by Togepretty 13
'Fire Strike' by Uiru 11
'No Matter What' by Topaz/Emerald Dragon 11
'The Cycle' by Legacy 11
'Midsummer Madness' by Trish 9
'The Black League' by D2K Future 9
'To Be All I Can Be' by Emerald Dragon 9
'A Christmas Story' by Angel Kitten 8
'Psychic Fire' by Blitz 8
'The Opal League' by E_Eevee 8
'Life's Zenith' by Aika Ryohkisan 7
'Love Is Such Bitter Sorrow' by Archaic 7
'Trapped in Johto' by Bulbasaur 7
'Between Two Worlds' by Mystic Mew 6
'Highschool Unexpected Love' by Misty25 5
'Kage Tyurainersu - Shadow Trainer' by Shadow Trainer Ash 5
'Lapras Valley High' by MistyDeeDee 5
'And The Rockets Red Glare' by Blue9Tiger 4
'Path of Destiny' by LFangor 4
'The Truth of the Matter Is...' by Shagti2 4
'Linked' by The Minnesotan Tree Hugger 3
'The Legend' by PoJo Shipper 3
'The Search for Mew and Celebi' by BluePokeMaster 3
'Out Of Indigo Onto Mobius' by Blue9Tiger 2
'Shadows of Destiny' by Mouse 2
'Whispering Darkness' by Crysta 2

Total Votes 303