March 2003 Voting Results for RCA!

"Dreamer" by McWizardX 15
"Pokemon: Shadow of the Deceiver" by Mikazuchi 15
"Stars Fell on Pallet Town" by Spruceton Spook 14
"Dead to Alive" by Slickboy444 12
"Freedom of the Phoenix" by Bayleef 12
"The Ultimate Rival: Part I" by Kenta Macauttum 11
"Chrono Shift" by McWizardX 10
"There Were No Lies" by A*mon 10
"You Little Mind Reader" by Angelical Proportions 9
"Why Is It So Complicated?" by A*mon 9
"Orbs of Sunlight" by Bayleef 9
"Passion Under Fire -- Flip Side" by The Jolt Master 9
"The Ultimate Rival: Part II" by Kenta Macauttum 9
"When Two Worlds Meet" by Pikachu 9
"Ash Returns To Hogwarts" by Pikachu 9
"Massaging Hands" by McWizardX 9
"Love Lost" by McWizardX 8
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 8
"Chance (For Love)" by McWizardX 8
"Flame in the Darkness" by Bayleef 8
"48 Hours To Death" by Pikachu 7
"Jessie's Terrible Accident" by Pikachu 7
"Easter Teaser" by Pikachu 7
"Feelings of Truth" by Slickboy444 7
"First Kiss" by Mamo 7
"Stranded" by Wild Growlithe 7
"Making My Way" by Dragoness Bahamut 7
"When Friends Are No Longer Friends" by Pikachu 7
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" by R.C. Angel 7
"My Life Without You" by Amethyst Suicune 7
"She Doesn't?" by Enja 6
"Golden Smiles, Silver Tears (The story of G/S)" by McWizardX 6
"Out of Your LEAGUE" by Seabeast 6
"School Days" by Pikagurl23 6
"Child of the Light One" by Silent Sigh 6
"Darkness Shall Fall" by Amethyst Suicune 6
"Another Chance" by Slickboy444 6
"The Sequel to Angel Clefairy's Extreme Insanity!" by Pikachu 6
"Meowth In The Middle" by Pikachu 6
"Garfield And Odie On The Run" by Pikachu 6
"The Connection" by Angelical Proportions 6
"Friends, Girlfriends, and Murderers" by Vulpix 5
"Not Good Enough" by Enja 5
"Extreme Insanity!!!!" by Amethyst Suicune 5
"Spread Your Wings...Transformation" by Thunder Mouse Pikachu 5
"The Dark Side of Innocence" by Anna Sartin 5
"Insanity!!!!" by Amethyst Suicune 5
"The Downfall Of Team Rocket" by Amethyst Suicune 5
"Team Rocket's Sinister Plan" by Pikachu 5
"Majestic Eyes" by Daring Warrior 5
"New Beginning" by Fire Hybrid 5
"Gym Leaders Have Gone Crazy!!!! by Amethyst Suicune and Pikachu 5
"My Poke'Mon Journey" by Celebi 4
"Lost By Love" by Emmi 4
"Lost Feelings" by Frikit 4
"Wishing Waters" by Mystic Author 4
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 4
"A Never Ending Tale" by Link 4
"More Than Just Childhood Friends" by Tifa Lockheart Nibelheim 4
"Two Different Worlds" by R.C. Angel 4
"Battle For His Heart" by Professor Clo 4
"Choice" by Grocko 4
"Then And Now" by Joy-girl 4
"Love Is Such Bitter Sorrow" by Archaic 3
"Bad to the Bone - The Untold Story" by Kally Ketchum 3
"Ash And I Meet Harry Potter!" by Ash #1 3
"The Rocket Series" by Anna Sartin 3
"The Blue Mountain League" by Sweet Baby Ninetails, Zerg1984ca & Arcticuno 3
"Fire Strike" by Uiru 3
"Dragon Riders Chronicles" by NightDragon0 3
"A True Destiny" by Goldenheart 3
"A Different Path" by Ditto2 3
"Trapped in Johto" by Bulbasaur 3
"Haven't Got A Clue" by Salt*N*Pepper 2
"A True Prove of Love" by Rinoa-san 2
"Dark By Day" by Dragonair09 2
"Day of My Destiny" by Kitty Vaporeon 2
"A Soul Shared" by X-Parrot 2
"Rose Hurricane" by Kally Ketchum 2
"A Lugia's Cry" by Master of Raichus 2
"Ash Becomes Yu-Gi-Oh" by Charmander 2
"Ash's Brother" by Ash #1 2
"Morning's End" by Mana Lugia 1
"Teen Love" by Alakazam 1
"I'll Watch Over You" by Copycat 1
"This Is How The Story Goes..." by Drama Queen 1
"The Long Awaited Confession" by Sara 1
"Between Two Worlds" by Mystic Mewtwo 1
"Battle" by Deena 0