March 2004 Voting Results for RCA!

"Longer Than A Lifetime Love" by Jump5Fan 30
"Passion Under Fire -- Flip Side" by The Jolt Master 29
"The Power of Two" by Angel Kitten 29
"Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around Professor Oaks Tree!" by Desiree 28
"I'll Be Home For Christmas - The Extended Version" by Finaille Nailo 28
"A Game of Truths" by Legacy 27
"Raven" by Obsidian Blade 27
"Love and War" by Spruceton Spook 27
"What If...?" by Ash Jr. 25
"School Days" by Pikagurl23 25
"Love, Internet Style" by Joy-girl 24
"The Echotrance Trilogy" by Topaz 24
"The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style" by SulliMike23 24
"Miss Discovery!" by Chibi-Suiko 24
"The Bet" by Totodile 23
"This Pichu Is Different" by Misty101803 23
"New Beginnings" by Misty101803 22
"Misty's Journey" by Misty's D 22
"Pokémon Meets Yu-Gi-Oh!" by Yami Ash 21
"Walking On Sunshine" by Desiree 21
"Pokemon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 21
"This Means War" by Cel3stial Drag0n 21
"Faint" by Torchick, Pikachu and The Mudkip Princess 20
"Why?" by Cultnirvana 20
"A New Year's Fic" by Chatsy 20
"Hold On" by Torchick 20
"Adopted Love" by Seabeast 20
"My To Do List" by Chibi-Suiko 20
"PokeRAIDER" by Aeris1172 20
"Strongest of All" by Wild Growlithe 20
"Quest for the Wine Gums" by Dannichu 19
"Curse Of Fate" by SulliMike23 19
"Summer In Paradise" by Brittany 19
"The Quest for the Legends" by Dragonfree 18
"The Other Way Around" by Torchick & Pickachu 18
"Pokemon & Digimon Vs. BlackWargreymon" by Ash #1 18
"Fun in Cyberspace" by Dannichu 18
"Madness In Vermillion City" by Dannichu 18
"The Great Pokemon Crossover!" by Zapdos86 18
"Mt. Silver Devil" by Chatsy 18
"The Box" by Latios 18
"Unlikely Heroes" by Ash Jr. 18
"Mission Impossible: Pokemon Style" by Brittany 18
"This Just Better Be A Phase" by Haley J. The Bat 17
"When Chikoritas Attack" by Emerald Milotic 17
"Ash Becomes Yu-Gi-Oh" by Charmander 17
"A Master's Last Wish" by Kp606 17
"Mewtwo's Decision" by Charmeleon 17
"The Last Chronicle" by The Elite 17
"Illusion" by Torchick 17
"Ash in Battle City" by Master Yami Cami 17
"Take Me As I Am" by M. T. Tasaki 17
"Again, I Try" by Oinkster 17
"Ash Potter, Harry Ketchum" by Aki Akito 17
"What It Means To Like A Girl" by Spruceton Spook 17
"The Cry of a Lonely Heart" by Pidgey Master 17
"The Ultimate Goal" by Misty's D and SulliMike23 17
"G2G" by Finaille Nailo 16
"Divided and Confused" by Cultnirvana 16
"The Dragon Master V" by The Dragon Master 16
"The Rocket Series" by Anna Sartin 16
"Final Thought" by Ash's Gurl 15
"Heroes" by Nukem999 15
"A World of Destiny" by Yami Ash 15
"Heroes Unit" by Burning DX 15
"Ash in Tokyo" by Ultima The Master Swordsman 15
"The Talk Show" by Chatsy 15
"A Night To Remember" by Pokemon Champion 15
"Ash vs. Robert" by Red Dragoon X 15
"Pokémopolis Arc" by Yami Ash 15
"Meowth in the Middle - The Extended Version" by Pikachu 15
"Ash's Decision" by Sheikh Alfonso 14
"The Journey Of Pokemon" by Soccerpixie 14
"My Pokemon/Digimon Crossover' by Ash #1 14
"At The Beginning" by SulliMike23 14
"A Lone MissingNo" by MissingNo 14
"Chris and Crystal, a Romance Story" by Chris38 14
"Butter-Trouble" by Buttercup 14
"Who Framed Tracey Sketchit?" by Zafara Loving Raichu 14
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 14
"The Longest Night" by KentaMarina 13
"Thanks For Being There" by VenusFlame2 13
"The Return Of Jessiebelle" by DaRk rOsE mUdBlOod 13
"The Strangers" by PokeZ 13
"Whenever, Wherever" by R.A.W. 13
"Pokemon: Islands of Islar" by Lonepichu 13
"The Distance From Yesterday" by Fish 12
"Daniel vs. Daniel " by Crystal Master 12
"Not Another Pokemon Spoof!!!" by MegamanZero 12
"The Lone Watcher" by Zafara Loving Raichu 12
"Blazing Ambitions" by Sentretcookie 12
"The Encounter" by Quad Kid59 11
"One Heart" by Dragoness Bahamut 11
"Mysteries Of Life" by Daniel Lee 10
"Anime Island" by Mist 10
"The New One" by Draven Knight 9