March 2005 Voting Results for RCA!

"There Is No Happy Ending" by Togepretty 32
"What If..." by Ash Junior 26
"When Hearts Are Aglow" by A Crazy Girl 22
"That Loving Feeling" by Misty's D 22
"Wishes Do Come True" by DayDreamer 21
"The Unexpected Kiss" by DayDreamer 21
"The Adventures of Clinically Strange" by Dannichu 21
"The Power Of One: The Continuation" by Crow Skywalker 20
"Quest for the Wine Gums" by Dannichu 20
"Latias' Love" by Lonepichu 20
"An Unexpected Change" by Charmander and Pichu 20
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 20
"New Beginnings" by Misty101803 19
"Hold On" by Torchick 19
"Green" by Torchick" 19
"The Legend of the Chosen Ones" by Misty Wildflower 18
"On the Run" by Dragonfree 18
"More Than Just Childhood Friends" by Tifa Lockheart Nibelheim 18
"Hearts & Minds" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 18
"Friendship's Flames" by Twisted Alyx 18
"Death No Obstacle" by Cultnirvana 18
"On a Winter's Night" by E2K 17
"Inner Thoughts" by McWizardX 17
"BadgeQuest: The Big Goodbye" by Cyberwraith9 17
"The Moon" by Angelical Proportions 16
"The Mewtwo Chronicles" by WiseAbsol 16
"Pokémon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 16
"The New Guy" by Caramelcornpuff 15
"The League Prom" by Squirtle'sGurl07 15
"The Forgotten Cards" by Pikachu 15
"The Arena" by E2K 15
"Samurai Ash" by Slickboy444 15
"Love That Blossoms" by MistyandAsh4ever 15
"Kokoro" by Aeris1172 15
"Creatures of the Night" by Crow Skywalker 15
"The Blade of Destiny" by Slyfer911 14
"Fire" by E2K 14
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 14
"Charizard: Dragon's Rivalry" by NightDragon0 14
"Apprentice" by Li Unozawa 14
"Whenever, Wherever" by RAW19" 13
"What Is Love?" by Brian 13
"The Master's Conflict" by SunnyZ 13
"Boundless Sky" by Pika-Zukin 13
"The Secret Admirer Mess Up" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 12
"Sapphire Storms" by Seraph 12
"Pokemon Exe" by Thaisamba Dragon 12
"Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion" 12
"Angel Mew" by Mew Fairy 12
"Ty's Human Quest" by Flower Powerer 11
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 11
"A Start:The Story OF Sydney Ketchum from the Ketchum Files " by Jessica Nicole Martin 11
"The Myth of Shadowrun" by Mystic Vaporeon 10
"The Mirror-World Menace" by Andrew 10
"The Chimera Children" by Clare 10
"Sunlight In Your Universe" by M.T. Tasaki 10
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 10
"Double Trouble" by Lord Kadabra 10
"Legends of the Tide" by Mystic Vaporeon 9
"Legendary Quest: The Watcher" by RAW19 8