March 2007 Voting Results for BIC!

--- General ---
"Fairy Tale" by Raichu 18
"Heart Lock" by Anonymous 11
"To Fly On Wings" by Kitten 10
"Sunlight In Your Universe " by M. T. Tasaki 3
"Dear Diary" by Mattias Von Karma 8

--- Other ---
"Pokemon World Online" by Lonepichu 10
"One Last Breath" by Kitten 8
"Death Note" by Shadow Phantomness 7
"Communication" by Sike Saner 6
"Little Secrets: A Day In The Life Of The Elite Four" by Shadow Phantomness 3

--- AAMRN ---
"Choices" by DayDreamer 16
"Calendar" by Anonymous 10
"There Is No Happy Ending" by Togepretty 8
"Broken" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 7
"Lost Thoughts" by Legacy 7
"Whenever, Wherever" by RAW19 7
"When Hearts Are Algow" by A Crazy Girl 6
"Ash Ketchum: Superman" by BigD1987 6
"The Anniversary" by Legacy 5
"This Better Just Be A Phase" by Haley J. The Bat 5

--- JAJRN ---
There are no winners for this category!

--- Team Rocket ---
"A Tale Told in Winter" by The Knight Who Says Ni 11
"Someone Has To Be The Hero" by A Poke Girl 7

--- Crossover ---
"The Play's The Thing" by Raichu 13
"Just a Normal Life" by Yami Ash 10
"Sailor Eevee" by Shadow Phantomness 8

--- Other Trainer ---
"Lati Riders" by Latios Dragonrider 15
"Insert" by WeirdDutchGuy 9