April 2002 Voting Results for BIC!

"Pokemon Camp" by Emerald Dragon 13
"Ash's Past" by The Terminatress 13
"A Short Fic About Gary" by The Terminatress 11
"Revalation of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 9
"If I Could Change The World" by M. T. Tasaki 8
"Between Two Worlds" by Mystic Mewtwo 8
"Sunlight In Your Universe" by M. T. Tasaki 6

"The Adept" by Liahgeron 17

"A Part Well Played" by Togepretty 16
"Stranded" by Wild Growlithe 14
"Anniversary" by Legacy 14
"Truth In a Kiss" by Legacy 14
"It's Never Too Late..." by Legacy 13
"A Christmas Story" by Angel Kitten 11
"More Than Just Childhood Friends" by Tifa Lockheart Nibelheim 10
"Master The Unexpected" by Togepretty 10
"Lonely Road of Faith" by Pojo Shipper 7
"The Search For Mew And Celebi" by BluePokeMaster 6
"Untitled" by Ancient Shadow 5
"Where The Trail Of Discovery Goes" by Misty Kasumi Ketchum 4

"Full Circle" by Fish 12

"The Talent" by Liahgeron 11
"Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver" by Mario Alvarado 9

Other Trainers
"To Be All I Can Be" by Emerald Dragon 20
"Firestrike" by Uriu 11
"The Black League" by D2K Future 11
"The Long and Winding Road" by BetterButterBuddha 10

Team Rocket
There are no winners for this category!

Total Votes 293