April 2003 Voting Results for BIC!

"A Flame in the Darkness" by Bayleef 24
"Kamon's Quest III" by Carbonite4 18
"Revelation of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 17
"Gym Leaders have Gone Crazy!" by Amethyst Suicune and Pikachu 16
"Princess Of Diamonds" by Amethyst Suicune 14
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 14
"Misty's Journey" by Misty's Double 13
"Where's Our Baby?" by Pikachu 11
"Blue Faced Ash" by Eric and Audrey 10

"Extreme Insanity!!!!" by Amethyst Suicune 21
"Insanity" by Amethyst Suicune 17
"Not Another Poke'Mon Spoof!" by MegamanZero 16
"Sayounara Koishiteru" by Aki Akito 14
"The Life of a Pokemon" by A Pichu 13
"Captured" by BabyPichu 13
"Ash's Brother" by Ash #1 8

"Pokemon: Shadow of The Deceiver" by Mikazuchi 32
"Pokémon: Ultimate Adventures!" by Mikazuchi 29
"Stars Fell on Pallet Town" by Spruceton Spook 27
"You Little Mind Reader" by Angelical Proportions 25
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" by R.C. Angel 23
"Exposing the Truth!" by Ashla 21
"Passion Under Fire -- Flip Side" by The Jolt Master 21
"School Days" by Pikagurl23 19
"Love, Internet Style" by Joy-girl 18
"Darkness Shall Fall" by Amethyst Suicune 17
"First Kiss" by Mamo 17
"Anything But Ordinary" by Violet Emeralds 17
"Changing The Past" by Amethyst Suicune 16
"A Beautiful Thing" by Slickboy444 16
"Because" by Violet Emeralds 16
"Lost Feelings" by Frikit 15
"A True Destiny" by Goldenheart 15
"Love Pallet" by Kenshin 15
"Team Rocket's Sinister Plan" by Pikachu 14
"Friends, Girlfriends, and Murderers" by Vulpix 14
"A True Christmas Present" by Zapdos1Alpha 14
"My Heart Is Yours" by Mysterio Man 13
"Let His Music Fill My Soul" by Blue Flamed Cheetah 12
"I Miss You" by Eric and Audrey 12
"Life’s Zenith" by Kanvus 12
"The Dolphin's Cry" by Kanvus 12
"The Battle For His Heart" by Professor Clo 11
"Destiny Returns" by Silver Angel 11
"The Legend of Me" by Caitie 10
"Sunset" by Dark Umbreon 9

"Love Is Fate" by Amethyst Suicune & R.C. Angel 23
"I'll Follow You" by Jadesfire2 22

Team Rocket
"The Decision" by The Jolt Master 26
"The Downfall Of Team Rocket" by Amethyst Suicune 17

"Ash Returns To Hogwarts" by Pikachu 22
"Ash Becomes Yu-Gi-Oh" by Charmander 17
"Pokefighters" by Eric and Audrey 13
"Ash and I Meet Harry Potter!" by Ash #1 11

Other Trainers
"Pokemon Academy" by FoxFire and Crystal Vaporeon 20
"Dragon Riders 02: Kaze no Kaeru" by NightDragon0 19
"The Adventures Of Misty" by Amethyst Suicune 17
"To Be All I Can Be" by EmeraldDragon 15
"The Long and Winding Road" by BetterButterBuddha 12
"Karania: The Legend" by Karania 11
"Day Of My Destiny" by Kitty Vaporeon 9
"A Ghost Story" by Yokomon52 9