April 2006 Voting Results for BIC!

--- General ---
"Fight for Freedom" by Weird Dutch Guy 28
"Spooked" by Spruceton Spook 27
"Watch Your Back" by Maia's Pen 24
"Blade of Destiny" by Slyfer911 24
"Lost and Found" by Slyfer911 24
"Christmas Vows" by Aideen Cato 23

--- Other ---
"To All You True Fans Out There" by Charmander and Pichu 30
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 27
"The Origin of Storms" by Sike Saner 23

--- AAMRN ---
"Why" by Cultnirvana 32
"You're All I Want For Christmas" by Kitten 32
"Absolution" by Cultnirvana 31
"Love Never Dies" by A Couple Kids Named Us 29
"Ban Of Friends" by Aalitichi 28
"The Power of Two" by Angel Kitten 28
"Misty's Voodoo Doll" by A Crack in the Window 27
"Ebony Feathers" by Angelical Proportions 27
"Pokemon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 27
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 27
"The Company" by Clover 26
"Pokemon: Ultimate Adventures!" by Mikazuchi 26
"To Challenge Your Fate" by Clover 24
"Wishes Come True Under The Mistletoe" by Aqua Ocean Wave 23
"Badge Quest: Reflections - "I'm not your Cinderella!" " by Cyberwraith9 23
"Phantom" by Pink Falcon 23
"Through Mine Eye" by Rashad Scorpio 23
"A Sad Reality" by Mystic Darkness 21

--- JAJRN ---
"Blurry" by Containiac 34

--- Team Rocket ---
"Betrayal Of A Memory" by Kitten 33
"The Search For Celebi" by Misty101803 28

--- Crossover ---
"Our Worlds Collide: A Pokemon and Inuyasha Story" by A Couple of Doves 29
"Code: Pokemon" by Jigglypuff on Atkiens 26
"Sonnet Of Adventure" by Lonepichu 25
"Find Out Or Die" by Pikachu 24
"Just a Normal Life" by Yami Ash 24

--- Other Trainer ---
"The Spirit of Fire" by Kitten 34
"Tales for the Road" by A.C. 25
"Insight" by Torchick 25
"The Daughter of A Legend" by Kimira Ketchum 22