June 2001 Voting Results for RCA!

"The Master Plan" by Wild Growlithe 18
"BadgeQuest" by Cyberwraith9 14
"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" by Trish 12
"BadgeQuest: The American Chronicles" by Cyberwraith9 12
"It's Never Too Late" by Legacy 12
"Fire Strike" by Uiru 10
"Pokemon in the Real World" by Bulbasaur 10
"The Master of my Destiny" by Topaz 10
"Fire Strike Command" by Uiru 8
"The Palletstreet Boys" by EdgeKnight 8
"The Undetermined Fates" by The Terminatress 8
"Adult Love" by HB 7
"Adventure on the Island" by Tiger of the Wind 7
"The Scyther Saga" by Neo-Raziel 7
"To Be A True Master, Journey of a Lifetime" by Brenndon Juster II 7
"Jiminem" by EdgeKnight 5
"Joe and Giselle" by J. B. Behnken 4
"The Next Step" by Dragon Trainer 4

Total Votes 163