June 2002 Voting Results for RCA!

"A Part Well Played" by TogePretty 17
"Legend" by Aaliyah 16
"A True Role Reversal" by Ace Sanchez 16
"Master the Unexpected" by Togepretty 16
"Bitten Under The Moon" by Wild Growlithe 16
"Dreamer" by McWizardX 15
"To Be All I Can Be" by EmeraldDragon 15
"Pokemon Camp" by EmeraldDragon 15
"Pokemon: Legend of the Eevee" by Crystal Vaporeon 14
"Pokemon, The Ultimate Adventures!" by Master Mikazuchi 14
"Growlithes in the Real World" by The Jolt Master 13
"Fire Strike" by Uiru 12
"Fire Strike Continued" by Uiru 12
"The Undetermined Fates" by The Terminatress 11
"A Short Fic About Gary" by The Terminatress 10
"Pokémon Neo, Book 1: Let's Go, Dratini!" by Kenta Macauttum 10
"It's Never Too Late..." by Legacy 10
"Golden Smiles, Silver Tears (The story of G/S)" by McWizardX 10
"The Power of Two" by Angel Kitten 9
"A Christmas Story" by Angel Kitten 9
"The Black League" by D2K Future 9
"Lapras Valley High" by MistyDeeDee 9
"Between Two Worlds" by Mystic MewTwo 9
"Luad San Afer, The Switch" by Pokegirl-sophy 9
"The Legend" by PoJo Shipper 8
"Untitled...yet" by Pikachic13 8
"Paper Thin" by RainFlower 7
"Team Rockets Secrets" by Pokegirl-sophy 7
"Ivory: The Opal League" by E_eevee 7
"The Long and Winding Road" by BetterButterBuddha 7
"The 12 Hidden Evolutions" by Crude Dude 6
"Parmasean" by RainFlower 6
"Ash N Misty Jokes" by Pikablu 6
"Forgotten" by Foxumon 6
"The Search for Mew and Celebi" by Gold 6
"The Spirit of the Haunted Past" by Annie Tales 5
"Unknown" by Ashlee Was Here 5
"Hidden Feelings" by Pokegirl-sophy 5
"Battle of the Elements" by Purelight Fandom 5
"Your Love Is One In A Million: by Pikablu 5
"Pokemon Down Victory Road" by Satsuki Nesigame 5
"More Than Just Childhood Friends" by Tifa Lockheart Nibelheim 5
"One" by Dragoness Bahamut 5
"Dumb-Ash" by Funky Magicarp 5
"My Mistakes in Life" by Pikablu 4
"Love Letters" by Pikablu 4
"Lonely Road of Faith" by PoJo Shipper 4
"The Dark Side of Innocence" by Anna Sartin 4
"Finishing The Puzzle" by Pokegirl-sophy 4
"The Protector" by Pokegirl-sophy 4
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 4
"Making My Way" by Dragoness Bahamut 4
"Nostalgia" by Arcanine 3
"A Funny Story" by Pikablu 3
"Dream to Dream: What If?" by Pikablu 3
"A Never Ending Pokémon Story" by Pikagurl23 3
"There Is No Arizona" by Chustang 3
"Animon" by Ally 3

Total Votes XXX