June 2004 Voting Results for RCA!

"Raven" by Obsidian Blade 23
"Why" by Cultnirivana 21
"The Quest for the Legends" by Dragonfree 20
"No Matter What" by Brittany and Desiree 20
"Quest for the Wine Gums" by Dannichu 19
"You're My Everything" by Desiree 19
"BadgeQuest: Reflections - 'I'm Not Your Cinderella!' " by Cyberwraith9 19
"The Only Choice" by Moya 18
"Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm" by Moya 18
"This Pichu Is Different" by Misty101803 17
"New Beginnings" by Misty101803 17
"To All You True Fans Out There" by Charmander and Pichu 17
"What If..." by Ash Junior 16
"BadgeQuest: The Big Goodbye" by Cyberwraith9 15
"Confession By a Friend" by Aeris1172 15
"Hold On" by Torchick 15
"48 Hours To Death" by Pikachu 15
"The End of Friendship" by Misty101803 15
"$42.50" by Cyberwraith9 15
"Misty's Journey" by Misty's D 15
"The Power Of One: The Continuation" by Crow Skywalker 14
"The Strongest of All" by Wild Growlithe 13
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 13
"Ficlets" by Cyberwraith9 13
"Latia's Love" by Lonepichu 13
"Pokemon: Islands of Islar" by Lonepichu 13
"No Matter What" by Topaz and Emerald Dragon 12
"Trapped" by E_Eevee 12
"Life Goes On" by Anonymous 2003 12
"The Last Chronicle" by The Elite 12
"Pokemon Meets Yu-Gi-Oh!" by Yami Ash 12
"The Cry of a Lonely Heart" by Pidgey Master 11
"Ash in Battle City" by Master Yami Cami 11
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 11
"Ancient Egypt" by Yami Ash 10
"A New Friend" by Pikachu 10
"To Kill a Ho-oh" by Lonepichu 10
"True Confessions on the Moonlight Riverside" by Pidgey Master 10
"Dragon Rider's Chronicles" by NightDragon0 10
"A Soul Shared" by X-Parrot 10
"Legendary Pokemon and Love" by Chibi-Suiko 10
"New Beginning" by FireHybrid 10
"Summer in Paradise" by Brittany 9
"Hoping To See You Again" by Master Yami Cami 9
"PokeMuyo!" by Chris 9
"17" by Flower Powerer 9
"The Journey of Pokemon" by Soccerpixie 9
"Distance From Yesterday" by Fish 9
"Pokemon: Revealations of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 8
"Prelude to Darkness" by Yuiiaru-seki Youkai 8
"Boundless Sky" by Pika-Zukin 8
"Never Say Die" by Rose Flame 8
"Kage's Pokemon Humour Fic" by Turquoise Kitten 8
"Damaged" by Flower Powerer 7
"Ty's Human Quest" by Flower Powerer 7
"A Lone MissingNo" by MissingNo 7
"Rocket Girl" by Flower Powerer 7
"Life's An Adventure" by Master Yami Cami 7
"Magma" by Yui 7
"The Dragon Master V" by The Dragon Master 7
"Strange Destiny" by Turquoise Kitten 7
"Ash's Twin" by MiniEevee 7
"Chat Room Melee" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 6
"Ash Meets Sarah" by Pokemongirl 6
"Pikachu's Point of View" by Rai 6
"Nightmare House at the Pokemon Prom" by Jasmine Fan 6
"Journey Through Johto" by Jasmine Fan 6
"A Long, Long Journey: A Pokemon/Dragonball Z Crossover" by Dog Demon Inuyasha 6
"Who Framed Tracey Sketchit?" by Cursed Ninetails 6
"The Mirror-World Menace" by Andrew 6
"Metronome" by Cursed Ninetails 6
"Eternal Winter" by Pika-Zukin 6
"How Keith Met Suicune" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 6
"Counting Mareep" by MiniEevee 6
"Not A Worry in the World" by Fish 5
"Change The Story" by Cursed Ninetails 5
"Forsaken Spring & Forgotten Dreams" by Yuiiaru-seki Youkai 5
"The Encounter" by Quad Kid59 5