June 2005 Voting Results for RCA!

"Baby Days" by Togepretty 28
"Things Couldn't Be Better" by A Couple Kids Named Us 25
"Resolutions" by Cultnirvana 25
"Grief Is Greater Than Joy" by A Crack in the Window 24
"$42.50" by Cyberwraith9 22
"School Days" by Pikagurl23 22
"What's Wrong With Being Perfect?" by Torchick (co-authored by Pikachu) 22
"Against All Odds" by Dark Espeon 21
"Mew" by Dragonfree 21
"Creatures of the Night" by Crow Skywalker 20
"Heart Of Innocence" by Dark Espeon 20
"The Type Chart" by Dragonfree 20
"Pokemon, Kaci's Story: Prophesy of the Small One " by Magicgalkairi 20
"It Can't Be True" by Pikachu 20
"The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style" by Sullimike23 20
"Hidden Love" by Aalitichi 19
"The One" by Dragonfree 19
"Pokemon: The Next Generation" by Lonepichu 19
"Chrono Shift" by McWizardX 19
"Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm" by Moya 19
"Charizard: Dragon's Rivalry" by NightDragon0 19
"Whenever, Wherever" by R.A.W. 19
"Sapphire Sunsets" by Torchick 19
"Forever In My Heart" by Desiree 18
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 18
"The Way of the Pokemorph" by Espeon Morph 18
"Adoptive Love" by Seabeast 18
"Samurai Ash" by Slickboy444 18
"Green" by Torchick 18
"Making My Way" by Dragoness Bahamut 17
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 17
"Emerald Ambush" by Obsidian Blade 17
"Revenge" by Pikachu 17
"Beginnings of a Master" by Articunokel 16
"Apprentice" by Li Unozawa 16
"Pokemon of the Caribbean" by Lonepichu 16
"Just A Girl" by Obsidian Blade 16
"Plague" by Obsidian Blade 16
"Because" by Violet Emeralds 16
"The Mewtwo Chronicles" by WiseAbsol 16
"Bored" by Lonepichu 15
"For Once In My Life" by MistyandAsh4ever 15
"Christmas Miracles" by Pikagurl23 15
"Poems of Saying Goodbye to Your One True Love " by Prettygirl 15
"More Than Just Childhood Friends" by Tifa Lockheart Nibelheim 15
"Nameless" by Lonepichu 14
"Our Worlds Collide: A Pokemon and Inuyasha Story" by MistyandAsh4ever 14
"Heaven" by Myst 14
"The Forgotten Cards" by Pikachu 14
"United We Stand" by Theo 'Blitz' Leung 14
"Through the Eyes of Misty Rocket" by Legacy 13
"The Only Choice" by Moya 13
"Lilycove Girl" by Obsidian Blade 13
"Blade of Destiny" by Slyfer911 13
"Lost and Found" by Slyfer911 13
"Let's Hear It For The Boy" by SulliMike23 13
"Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 12
"Just A Whisper Away" by Kitten 12
"Legends of the Tide" by Mystic Vaporeon 12
"Killer" by Unown 12
"The Mirror-World Menace" by Andrew 11
"Dreaming" by Mirei 11
"Legendary Quest: The Watcher" by R.A.W. 11
"The Distance From Yesterday" by Fish 10
"The Master Chronicles I: All's Fair in Street Love and Crime Wars " by Marowak Wakback 10
"The Master's Conflict" by SunnyZ 10
"His Unending Fury" by Thehatoflink 10
"The Cursed Charms" by Cursed Ninetails 9
"The Secret Admirer Mess Up" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 9
"The Pokemon Masters" by Rogrl 9
"Hoenn Academy" by Shadow Master 9