June 2006 Voting Results for RCA!

"Pokemon in the Real World" by Bulbasaur 28
"Ban of Friends" by Aalitichi 21
"You're All I Want For Christmas" by Kitten 21
"Death No Obstacle" by Cultnirvana 20
"White Wings: Setting Up the Pieces" by Snow Charizard 20
"The Spirit Of Fire" by Kitten 19
"When the Rain Falls Up" by Kitten 19
"School Days" by Pikagurl23 19
"A Crimson Night" by A Couple Kids Named Us 17
"$42.50" by Cyberwraith9 17
"Broken" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 17
"Giving Her Away" by The Boss Geo 17
"For All You True Fans Out There" by Charmander and Pichu 16
"The Company" by Clover 16
"Triangle of Love" by Daydreamer 15
"What Makes Me Misty Most of All " by Jirachi The Legend 15
"Charizard: Dragon's Rivalry" by NightDragon0 15
"Ebony Feathers" by Angelical Proportions 13
"Badgequest: The Big Goodbye" by Cyberwraith9 13
"Pokademy Awards" by Dragonfree 13
"Betrayal Of A Memory" by Kitten 13
"The Seed We've Sown" by The Boss Geo 13
"Calendar" by Anonymous 12
"The Sentry" by Wordpainter 12
"If I Never Knew You" by A Couple of Doves 11
"Kanto Sentai PokéRanger" by Ari Rockefeller 11
"Bleed Like Me" by Clover 11
"Fun In Cyberspace" by Dannichu 11
"Watch Your Back" by Maia's Pen 11
"The Secret Admirer Mess Up" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 11
"The Distance From Yesterday" by Fish 10
"Cold But Warm" by Abra's Psybeam 9
"Hell Hath No Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga (Extended Version)" by Ash Junior 9
"Those Without Wings" by Cho Hakkai 9
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 9
"Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 9
"COUNT - The Voyage" by Pinecone Tortoise 9
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 8
"A Pokemon? Master" by Lady Umbra 8
"Dreaming" by Mirei 8
"The Journey of Pokemon" by Soccerpixie 8
"Fearful Whispers" by Sakura Sanctuary 7
"Rocket's Max" by Sakura Sanctuary 7