June 2007 Voting Results for RCA!

"A Game Of Truths" by Legacy 73
"Wheel Goes Round and Round" by Anonymous 50
"Do You Think I'm Pretty?" by Mistygemmy 46
"Shotgun Wedding" by A Silent Rain 29
"Choices" by DayDreamer 23
"A Crimson Night" by A Couple of Kids Named Us 22
"Come Away With Me" by Aalitichi 20
"A Special Wish" by DayDreamer 20
"The Decision" by The Jolt Master 20
"Dreaming" by Mirei 19
"Confrontation" by Shagti2 17
"The Spirit Of Fire" by Kitten 15
"The Dark Side Of Innocence" by Anna Sartin 14
"Watch Your Back" by Maia's Pen 14
"Eternal Love" by Bayleef 12
"Fairy Tale" by Raichu 12
"The Adventures of Tranum and Pi" by Tranum 11
"Enter the Dark Mew" by Diamond Eevie 10
"The Distance from Yesterday" by Fish 10
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 10
"Pichus in the Sky" by Lonepichu 10
"A Soul Shared" by X-Parrot 10
"A True Christmas Present" by Zapdos1Alpha 10
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 9
"Let Love Blossom" by Super Pikachu 9
"Let Love Blossom -- Flipside: The Butch Cassidy Story" by Super Pikachu 9
"Boy Wonder" by Fusion Blaster 8
"Communication" by Sike Saner 8
"The Mystery of Love" by Super Pikachu 8
"New Horizons: Ash's Story" by Tyde21 8
"Quest for the Wine Gums" by Dannichu 7