June 2008 Voting Results for RCA!

"All The King's Horses" by Anonymous 12
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 11
"Twisted Hierarchy" by Obsidian Blade 8
"Sapphire Sunsets" by Torchick 8
"Through Mine Eye" by Rashad Scorpio 6
"2 in 1" by LucarioBlaze 5
"The New World" by AbsolDragon 4
"Pokemon: Golden Sun Series" by Aspendragon 4
"A Fourney Jic" by Clare 4
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 4
"Who wants 2BA Millionare?" by MissingNo 4
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 3
"Bushido League: A Samurai's Quest" by Chaos Paladin 2
"Blade of Destiny" by Slyfer911 2