July 2001 Voting Results for BIC!

"Pokemon Master" by Ace Sanchez 29
"BadgeQuest: The American Chronicles" by Cyberwraith9 14
"The Undetermined Fates" by The Terminatress 13
"Fate's Mission" by Lord Kadabra 5
"A Truly Icy Escapade" by Ranko Ketchum 4
"The End" by Ashley Ketchum 3
"The Scyther Saga" by Neo-Raziel 3
"Pokemon Alien War Saga" by Nukem999 3

"The Ultimate Trainer: Part 2" by The Terminatress 23
"Am I Next?" by Wild Growlithe 14
"Jiminem" by EdgeKnight 3

"Snow Angels" by Agent 99 14

Team Rocket
The End of Team Rocket by Jay 11

Other Trainers
"Master of my Destiny" by Topaz 18
"Legend" by Aaliyah 9
"The Next Step" by Dragon Trainer 9

"Stranded" by Wild Growlithe 25
"The Truth in a Kiss" by Legacy 24
"The Master Plan" by Wild Growlithe 21
"A Love Letter" by Legacy 19
"It's Never Too Late..." by Legacy 18
"The Cycle" by Legacy 16
"To Love or Not To Love" by A*mon 16
"To Misty: A Green Backpack" by Tokumeinohito 13
"Tears of the Deep" by Princess Mystic 13
"The PalletStreet Boys" by EdgeKnight 4

"PokeMuyo!" by Chris 12
"Dragon Ball Z" by Ranko Ketchum 10
"Talent" by Liahgeron 8
"The Psychic" by Liahgeron 8
"Secret Missions" by Lucky 6
"The Great Pokemon Crossover" by Zapdos86 5

Total Votes 393