July 2006 Voting Results for BIC!

"Hearts and Minds" by Kawaii Cherry Blossom 25
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 10
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 7

"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 13
"Mew" by Dragonfree 10
"Aquarius" by Clare 9
"Blood On Her Hands" by Clover 7
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 4
"Ty's Human Quest" by Flower Powerer 5

"Let Love Be Your Energy" by Cultnirvana 16
"Ban of Friends" by Aalitichi 15
"Calendar" by Anonymous 15
"Wishes Do Come True" by DayDreamer 15
"Wedding Crasher" by Aalitichi 14
"Midnight Swim" by Adammito 14
"Sports, School, and Love" by Adammito 14
"All The King's Horses..." by Anonymous 13
"Pokemon: Ultimate Adventures" by Mikazuchi 13
"Absolution" by Cultnirvana 12
"Best Friends Never Say Goodbye" by Clone Ash Satoshi 11
"Chrono Shift" by McWizardX 11
"Pokemon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 11
"Whenever, Wherever" by RAW19 11
"Missing In Action" by Adammito 9
"Ebony Feathers" by Angelical Proportions 9
"To Challenge Your Fate" by Clover 9
"A Diamond in the Rough" by A Poke Girl 8
"Somebody to Love" by Cerulean Shadow 8
"What Keeps Us Up?" by A Couple of Doves 7
"Two Brothers, One Girl" by Andrew Ketchum 7

"Let's Babysit!" by CuTeLiLClAfAiRy1222 13
"Meowth's Christmas Gift" by Team Rocket Rose 12
"Harmony" by Thought Provocation 10

Team Rocket
"Inner Peace" by Team Rocket Rose 21

"Sonnet of Adventure" by Lonepichu 25

Other Trainers
"Psychic Fire" by Theo 'Blitz' Leung 17
"Lati Riders" by Latios Dragonrider 16