September Voting Results for RCA!

"Aftermath" by Nukem999 70
"Pokemon Master" by Ace Sanchez 57
"Trials and Tribulations" by Shagti2 32
"To Be A True Master, Journey of a Lifetime" by Brenndon Juster II 15
"The Rocket Series" by Anna Sartin 12
"Who Are You Really?" by Princess Mystic 12
"Sprite" by Sprite 12
"Ash and Misty's Wish" by Charizard 9
"Down Victory Road" by Satsuki Nesigame 9
"A Soul Shared" by X-Parrot 8
"Passion Under Fire" by The Jolt Master 6
"The Greatest Trainer" by Lord Kadabra 6
"Pokemon in the Real World" by Bulbasaur 4
"A New Beginning, A New Master" by Princess Mystic 4
"The Ultimate Sacrifices" by Tiger of the Wind 4

Total Votes 260