September 2003 Voting Results for RCA!

"Stranded" by Wild Growlithe 19
"Too Far?" by Cultnirvana 18
"Mewfour Comes Alive" by Jimpa 17
"A Little Misunderstanding" by Bayleef 17
"Dreams May Become A Reality" by Aki Akito and Blastoise 17
"Pokémon Neo, Book 1: Let's Go, Dratini!" by Kenta Macauttum 17
"Exposing the Truth" by Ashla 17
"Chrono Shift" by McWizardX 17
"United We Stand" by Theo 'Blitz' Leung 17
"Dragon Riders 02: Kaze no Kaeru" by NightDragon0 16
"Insanity!" by Torchick 16
"This Means War" by Cel3stial drag0n 16
"Pokemon Neo, Book 2: Hail the Tini Squad!" by Kenta Macauttum 14
"The Ultimate Rival" by Kenta Macauttum 14
"Passion Under Fire" by The Jolt Master 14
"Cinder and the Fire Stone" by Agent 99 14
"Dragon Realms" by NightDragon0 14
"In A Trainer's Eyes" by Finaille Nailo 14
"Rapid Ash" by Bayleef 13
"Team Rocket Strikes Back!" by Torchick 13
"Insane to the Max!" by Torchick 13
"Freedom of the Phoenix" by Bayleef 13
"The Making of a Pokemon Episode" by Pikachu 13
"Revenge" by Pikachu 13
"To Be All I Can Be" by EmeraldDragon 13
"Harry Potter and Pocket Monsters" by Russian Meowth 12
"All I Have Left" by Finaille Nailo 12
"The Downfall of Team Rocket" by Torchick 12
"Truth or Dare" by Pkmn Chika 12
"The Arena" by E2K 12
"Misty's Journey" by Misty's Double 11
"Is It Amnesia?" by Russian Meowth 11
"Jenn's Story" by Torchick 11
"Now or Never" by Cloyster 11
"Silence is Golden" by Ashymarie 11
"Change The Story" by Tracey's Sketchbook 11
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 11
"Renegades" by Izumi Ryu 11
"Fighting Back" by Cel3stial drag0n 11
"Life´s Zenith" by Kanvus 11
"Hold On" by Torchick 10
"Because" by Violet Emeralds 10
"Wanting To Rule" by Pikachu 10
"Kikara" by Mystic Mewtwo 10
"The Ancient Pendant: Part 1" by Kirby 117 10
"Distractions" by Togepretty 10
"Quest for the Wine Gums" by Dannichu 10
"Ash and I Meet Harry Potter!" by Ash's Brother 10
"Talk Show" by Chatsy 10
"The Will of Destiny" by Russian Meowth 10
"Operation: Tauros" by Vulpix 10
"Tales of the CWF: Ashes to Ashes" by Ari Rockefeller 9
"The Ancient Pendant: Part 2" by Kirby 117 9
"A Pikachu in Love" by Golem-Gojira 9
"Addicted" by Flower Powerer 9
"A Civil Fight On The Julie Lake Show" by Ash On Vacation 8
"The Dragon Master 4" by The Dragon Master 7
"Unexpected Consequences" by The Brock 7
"Ash's Hooked On Ebonics" by Wiggly 7