September 2004 Voting Results for RCA!

"The Quest for the Legends" by Dragonfree 35
"Passion Under Fire" by The Jolt Master 27
"Let Love Be Your Energy" by Cultnirvana 25
"I'll Be Home For Christmas - The Extended Version" by Finaille Nailo 25
"Pokemon Meets Yu-Gi-Oh!" by Yami Ash 25
"This Pichu is Different" by Misty101803 23
"My Biggest Mistake" by Lonepichu 22
"My Tender Strength" by A*mon 21
"A Christmas Story" by Angel Kitten 21
"The Madness of Viridian City" by Dannichu 21
"Stolen Bike, Stolen Heart" by Desiree 21
"No Matter What" by Emerald Dragon & Topaz 21
"Can We Just Take A Walk?" by Toto 21
"$42.50" by Cyberwraith9 20
"Pokémon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 20
"Revelation of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 20
"Death No Obstacle" by Cultnirvana 19
"Resolutions" by Cultnirvana 19
"Hold On" by Torchick 19
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 18
"Love And War" by Spruceton Spook 18
"Opposite Passions" by Finaille Nailo 17
"Code: Pokemon" by Hero of Time 17
"Pokémon Neo, Book 5: Giovanni's Experimentations" by Kenta Macauttum 17
"Ash in Battle City" by Master Yami Cami 17
"Ash on Misty?" by Ash on Mist 16
"Love Pallet" by Kenshin 16
"Love's End" by Misty101803 16
"The Journey of Poke'mon" by Soccerpixie 16
"Pikachu" by Agent 99 15
"Destiny" by Brian 15
"Adventures of the Clinically Strange" by Dannichu 15
"Coming Back" by Erina-chan 15
"Take Me As I Am" by M. T. Tasaki 15
"Whenever, Wherever" by R.A.W. 15
"Nightfall" by Torchick 15
"Battles of the Legendaries" by Blastoise 14
"Enter the Dark Mew" by Diamond Eevie 14
"Kaleidescope" by Erina-chan 14
"Prickly Heat" by Erina-chan 14
"Only the Pure Hearts Survive" by Pidgey Master 14
"The Legendary Quest: The Watcher" by R.A.W. 14
"The League Prom" by Squirtle'sGurl07 14
"Pokemon Reborn" by Super Pikachu 14
"Crooked" by A Silent Rain 13
"Humans: From the Pokémon's Point Of View" by Ashla 13
"Moon Fang" by Crystal 13
"The Distance from Yesterday" by Fish 13
"Goodbye, Raichu" by Raichu 13
"A Vacation For Lurve" by Silver Angel 13
"Tangled Web" by ChicRocketJames 12
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 12
"Changing Times" by E_Eevee 12
"Lost Thoughts" by Legacy 12
"Eternal Winter" by Pika-Zukin 12