October Voting Results for BIC!

"Codename: ASHURA" by Legacy 42
"BadgeQuest" by Cyberwraith9 8
"Fate's Mission" by Lord Kadabra 6

"Daniel Bond: The World Still Is Not Enough" by Ashley Ketchum 32
"Who Are You Really?" by Princess Mystic 23

"A Game of Truths" by Legacy 36
"You're Who I've Always Wanted" by PikaPi84 34
"Crossing The Line" by Charizard 15
"Trials and Tribulations" by Shagti2 13
"Lord of Fire" by Nova C.M. 7
"Ash Becoming a Love Machine" by Cyberduh 6

"Passion Under Fire" by The Jolt Master 30
"The Rocket Series" by Anna Sartin 8

Other Trainers
"The Pendant" by Blitz 16
"Team Revelation" by Arc Angels 14
"To Be A True Master, The Journey of a Lifetime " by Brenndon Juster II 10

Team Rocket
"Ice Blue Eyes" by Julia Rocket 16
"The Golden Badge Caper" by Julia Rocket 12

There are no winners for this category!

Total Votes 328