October 2001 Voting Results for BIC!

"BadgeQuest: The American Chronicles" by Cyberwraith9 17
"A Short Fic About Gary" by The Terminatress 15
"Ash's Past" by The Terminatress 13
"The Undetermined Fates" by The Terminatress 11
"Time of Destiny" by Classic Cowboy 9
"The Legend of the Chosen Ones" by Misty Wildflower 8
"Between Two Worlds" by Mystic Mewtwo 4
"The Poke Proficy of Paridime City" by Mystic Mew 2
"The Revelation For Earth, Time Ticking Towards Destruction" by BigMasterRai72Red 1

"Ash's Twin" by Ranko Ketchum 9
"Jericho" by Latonya Wright 8
"The Beginning" by Tupac Amaru Shakur 7
"A New Beginning, A New Master" by Princess Mystic 7

Other Trainers
"Legend" by Aaliyah 11
"New Beginning" by FireHybrid 10
"Girl of Legend" by Dragon Trainer 6
"The Other Side of Training" by Marlix 5
"A Psychic Trainer's Journey" by Vulpix245 5

"Pokemon Master Chronicles" by Misty 19
"Bitten Under the Moon" by Wild Growlithe 19
"Truth In a Kiss" by Legacy 18
"Dreamer" by McWizardX 17
"The Cycle" by Legacy 15
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 14
"It's Never Too Late" by Legacy 13
"I Needed You Forever" by A*mon 13
"ChronoShift" by McWizardX 12
"Broken Dreams and New Beginning" by Shagti2 11
"The Truth of the Matter Is..." by Shagti2 10
"To Love or Not to Love" by A*mon 10
"My Tender Strength" by A*mon 10
"There Were No Lies" by A*mon 9
"Haunted Heart" by Misty 9
"Life's Zenith" by Aika Ryohkisan 8
"Hello Again" by Aika Ryohkisan 6
"The PalletStreet Boys" by EdgeKnight 6

Team Rocket
"In The Blood" by G.M. Utahraptor,Annabella Faline and Red Hawk 16

"The Gate Between the Two Worlds" by Lucky 15

Total Votes 390