October 2002 Voting Results for BIC!

"If I Could Change The World" by M. T. Tasaki 17
"All My Way, On My Own" by Enja 13
"Legend of The Unknown Creature" by Ashachu 10
"Revelation of a Master" by Pokemon Fan 9
"Misty's Journey" by Misty's Double 7
"Between Two Worlds" by Mystic MewTwo 7
"Legend of The Chosen Ones" by Misty Waterflower 6
"Kill Kalty" by Fablex 5
"And The World Shall Rise Again" by Flamuh 5
"Strange Things Happen When You Least Expect 'Em" by Karania 5
"The Pokemon Masters" by Rogrl 3

"Backgrounds: The Real Characters" by Pokegirl-sophy 12
"Two Different Worlds" by Mini Misty 6
"Jokers Finish Last!" by Pokegirl-sophy 4

"Just a Dare" by Togepretty 28
"Master the Unexpected" by Togepretty 22
"Baby Days" by Togepretty 19
"You Little Mind Reader" by Angelical Proportions 18
"Pokemon Ultimate Adventures!" by Mikazuchi 17
"Luad San Afer The Switch" by Pokegirl-sophy 15
"Love And War" by Spruceton Spook 15
"I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Mini Misty 11
"Dead To Alive" by Slickboy444 11
"The Connection" by Angelical Proportions 11
"There Were No Lies" by A*mon 10
"Diary" by Melodi 10
"Wishing Waters" by Mystic Author 10
"The Master's Conflict" by SunnyZ 10
"Never" by Angel Clefairy 9
"Butter Scotch Toffee" by LittLe TriXta 9
"In A Trainer's Eyes" by Mini Misty 9
"Things I'll Never Say" by Mini Misty 8
"Cascade Tears" by Articuno 7
"I'm With You" by Mini Misty 7
"Of Life and Death - The Untold Pokemon Story" by Mini Misty 7
"Legendary Pokemon and Love" by Anime Romancelover 6
"Unintentional Lies" by Anime Romancelover 6
"Ash and Misty's Love" by Pikachu 6
"First Kiss" by Mamo 6
"Power Possession" by Melodi 6
"A True Prove of Love" by Rinoa-San 6
"And So It Begins" by Gareth 5

"Love Not War, Friend Not Foe" by Ashla 9
"Meowth In The Middle" by Pikachu 9
"Rebuilding A Broken Life" by Crystal Vaporeon 6

Team Rocket
"Who Am I?" by Pikachu 12
"Team Rockets Secrets" by Pokegirl-sophy 7

"Ash Potter, Harry Ketchum?" by Enja 14
"The Pokemon Adventures of Samurai Jack" by Arcanine 11

"Dragon Riders Chronicles" by NightDragon0 13
"United We Stand" by Theo 'Blitz' Leung 10
"Dragon Riders II: Kaze no Kaeru" by NightDragon0 9
"Not Another New Girl" by Angel Clefairy 8
"A Different Path" by Ditto2 8
"Earl's Pokemon Academy" by Mistymoon 6
"Renegades" by Izumi Ryu 6
"Mamo's Story" by Mamo 4