October 2006 Voting Results for RCA!

"Pokémon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 14
"Love That's Sky High!" by AAML King 13
"Calendar" by Anonymous 12
"The Spirit Of Fire" by Kitten 12
"The Ties That Bind" by Saffire Persian 12
"Sway With Me" by Ash Junior 11
"A World of Destiny" by Yami Ash 11
"Divided and Confused" by Cultnirvana 10
"BadgeQuest: The Big Goodbye" by Cyberwraith9 10
"Spooked" by Spruceton Spook 10
"Ash and Misty House Party" by Tyronej 10
"Our Worlds Collide:A Pokemon and Inuyasha story" by A Couple of Doves 9
"Sports, School, and Love" by Adammito 9
"At Last" by Ash, Misty, and Steven 9
"Bushido League: A Samurai's Quest" by Chaos Paladin 9
"Young Miss" by A Crack in the Window 8
"Shotgun Wedding" by A Silent Rain 8
"Tales for the Road" by A.C. 8
"There Were No Lies" by A*mon 8
"What Friends Are For" by Bayleef 8
"Goodbye, Raichu" by Raichu 8
"Who Andrew Really Is" by Andrew Ketchum 7
"Kanto Sentai PokéRanger" by Ari Rockefeller 7
"The Legend of Final Destiny: Fateful Gathering" by Chaos Paladin 7
"Inevitable Originality" by Chibi-Suiko 7
"Lati Riders" by Latios Dragonrider 7
"The Myth of Shadowrun" by Mystic Vaporeon 7
"The Misdreavus Menace" by Raichu 7
"Confrontation" by Shagti2 7
"The Origin of Storms" by Sike Saner 7
"Shadows of Time" by Wydinel Sheergale 7
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 6
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 6
"It's Not Fair" by Misty101803 6
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 5