October 2007 Voting Results for RCA!

"Choices" by DayDreamer 16
"Missing Misty" by DayDreamer 15
"The Unexpected Kiss" by DayDreamer 14
"Closet Romantic" by Anonymous 11
"Triangle of Love" by DayDreamer 11
"$42.50" by Cyberwraith9 10
"Dreaming" by Mirei 9
"Ash's True History" by Sandslash 7
"New Beginnings" by Misty101803 6
"Through Mine Eye" by Rashad Scorpio 6
"Ash Ketchum: Superman" by BigD1987 5
"Golden Smiles, Silver Tears (The Story of G/S)" by McWizardX 5
"Enter the Dark Mew" by Diamond Eevie 4
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 4