October 2008 Voting Results for RCA!

"Spirits of the Forest" by Lonepichu 9
"Scyther's Story (or Death Is Not To Be Feared)" by Dragonfree 7
"Lost and Found" by WeirdDutchGuy 7
"Pokemon World Online" by Lonepichu 6
"Insanity!!!!" by Torchick 6
"Sin+Cos=1" by Anonymous 5
"The Decision" by The Jolt Master 5
"Hidden Secrets" by Tinanit Enozym 5
"One Little Slip" by Aussie Wolf 4
"Pokemon Journey" by Lone Gyarados Rider 4
"Upside Down Bouncing off the Ceiling" by PurePsychicEspeon 4
"Tom Simms's Tale" by The Asylum 4
"Wanna See My Lure?" by Esperon Hearts 3
"Spongebob PokÚpants!" by Torchick 3