November 2007 Voting Results for BIC!

"Shadow" by DayDreamer 12
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" by Lonepichu 7
"Heart Lock" by Anonymous 6
"Dreaming" by Mirei 6
"Bad Moon Rising" by Windra 5

"No Matter What" by Topaz and EmeraldDragon 11
"Pokemon Golden Sun Series" by Aspendragon 3

"The Unexpected Kiss" by DayDreamer 20
"Missing Misty" by DayDreamer 17
"Hiding What Means The Most" by Charizard 13
"To Be Appreciated" by Togepretty 10
"Calendar" by Anonymous 8
"Closet Romantic" by Anonymous 8
"Pokemon:Ultimate Adventures" by Mikazuchi 8
"Much Ado About A Crush" by Pichu Lover 8
"A Jewel In Water" by Pika876 7
"Phantom" by Pink Falcon 7
"Ash Ketchum: Superman" by BigD1987 5
"Blood Soaked Wings" by Mystic Darkness 3

"I Miss You" by DayDreamer 16
"Bad to the Bone - The Untold Story" by Kally 5

Team Rocket
"Rocket Child" by Shadow Phantomness 11
"Before the Fight, Kane's Side" by WeirdDutchGuy 5

"Card Captor Ash" by Shadow Phantomness 14
"Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth" by FerreTrip 6

Other Trainers
"Pokemon: Saffron Moon" by AbsolDragon 9
"Insert" by WeirdDutchGuy 7
"Pokemon Amber" by Aspendragon 5