December 2001 Voting Results for RCA!

'Truth In A Kiss' by Legacy 22
'Game of Truths' by Legacy 20
'Pokemon Master Chronicles' by Misty 20
'Anniversary' by Legacy 19
'Liquid Dreams' by Misty 19
'BadgeQuest: The America Chronicles' by Cyberwraith9 17
'On the Wings of Council' by Topaz 16
'Haunted Heart' by Misty 16
'The Ultimate Trainer: Part II' by The Terminatress 15
'Love is Such a Bitter Sorrow' by Archaic 15
'Echotrance Trilogy' by Topaz 14
'To Be All I Can Be' by EmeraldDragon 13
'Ash & Misty House Party' by TyroneJ 11
'Ash's Past' by The Terminatress 11
'Legend' by Aaliyah 11
'New Beginning' by FireHybrid 10
'Highschool Unexpected Love' by Misty25 8
'Trapped in Johto' by Bulbasaur 6
'Midsummer Madness' by Trish 6
'Blue Charmader' by Articuno 6
'The Girl of Legend' by Dragon Trainer 6
'The Palletstreet Boys' by EdgeKnight 6
'Life's Zenith' by Aika Ryohkisan 5
'Shin's Love Story' by Star Kai 5
'The Beginning' by Tupac Amaru Shakur 4
'Fates Game' by EeveeFFWriter 3
'Purple Bunnies' by Mystic Mew 3

Total Votes 307