December 2002 Voting Results for RCA!

'Just a Dare!' by Togepretty 15
'Change of Heart' by Dazdnconfused730 11
'The Poke'Mon Academy' by Crystal Vaporeon & Foxfire 11
'A Glance Is More Than Enough' by Togepretty 10
'Insanity!!' by Angel Clefairy 10
'Dead to Alive' by Slickboy444 9
'Ash Potter, Harry Ketchum?' by Enja 9
'Ash's Gift' by MegaManZero 8
'In A Trainer's Eyes' by Mini Misty 8
'Two Different Worlds' by Mini Misty 8
'The Night It Happened' by Geo 8
'Dreamer' by McWizardX 8
'Extreme Insanity!' by Angel Clefairy 8
'United We Stand' by Theo 'Blitz' Leung 8
'You Never Get What You Wish For' by Mini Misty 8
'Why Is It So Complicated?' by A*mon 7
'A Never Ending Tale' by Link 7
'Night of Terror, Day of Joy' by AshlaX 7
'The Origins of Love' by Geo 7
'There Were No Lies' by A*mon 7
'When Two Worlds Meet' by Pikachu 7
'Yet Another New Girl' by Angel Clefairy 6
'Fire Strike' by Uiru 6
'No Matter What' by EmeraldDragon & Topaz 6
'Diamonds in the Rough' by EmeraldDragon 6
'True Battle' by Mini Misty 6
'The Ultimate Rival Part 2' by Kenta Macauttum 6
'Twelve Hours to Truth' by Bayleef 6
'The Pokemon Adventures of Samurai Jack' by Arcanine 5
'A Glimmer In The Darkness' by Nobie 5
'Day Of My Destiny' by Kitty Vaporeon 5
'Life's Zenith' by Kanvus 5
'The Ultimate Rival Part 1' by Kenta Macauttum 5
'My Pokemon Journey' by Tanya Nonsutoppo 5
'Diary' by Melodi 5
'Prelude to Darkness' by Youkai Tempest 5
'Karania the Legend' by Karania 4
'The Master's Conflict' by SunnyZ 4
'Spirit of a Haunted Past' by Annie Tales9 4
'Kamon's Quest II' by Carbonite4 4
'Never' by Angel Clefairy 4
'My Life Without You' by Angel Clefairy 4
'Fire Strike Continued' by Uiru 4
'Forsaken Spring & Forgotten Dreams' by Youkai Tempest 3
'Trying Too Hard' by Angel Clefairy 3
'The Ending' by Ash's Sister 3
'One Heart' by Dragoness Bahamut 3
'Everything Changes' by Dragoness Bahamut 3
'The Return Of Jessiebelle' by Kawaii Kasumi 3
'Alec's Adventure' by Dwaynus 3
'Kamon's Quest III' by Carbonite4 3
'The Long and Winding Road' by BetterButterBuddha 3
'Train Well Solider!' by Armorrizedragon73 2
'Whoopin' Ash' by Lusts4Misty 2
'Adventure Road' by Golem-Gojira 2
'Rivalry' by Ashley Angel 2
'Like Father, Like Daughter' by Ashley Angel 2