December 2004 Voting Results for RCA!

"Stolen Bike, Stolen Heart" by Desiree 27
"Let Love Be Your Energy" by Cultnirvana 26
"You're My Everything" by Desiree 26
"Love By A Hit" by Brittany and Desiree 24
"Misty That I Loved" by Cerulean Shadow 24
"Resolutions" by Cultnirvana 24
"To Kill a Ho-Oh" by Lonepichu 24
"Walking On Sunshine" by Desiree 21
"Chance (For Love)" by McWizardX 21
"The Return To Mirage Kingdom" by Pikachu 21
"Growlithes in the Real World" by The Jolt Master 21
"The Bet" by Toto 21
"Death No Obstacle" by Cultnirvana 20
"Flying" by Dannichu 20
"Pokemon: Islands of Islar" by Lonepichu 20
"Spirits of the Forest" by Lonepichu 20
"Goodbye, Raichu" by Raichu 20
"The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style" by SulliMike23 20
"My Tender Strength" by A*mon 19
"No Matter What" by EmeraldDragon and Topaz 19
"Opposite Passions" by Finaille Nailo 19
"Pokemon of the Caribbean" by Lonepichu 19
"But She Was A Tomboy" by Toto 19
"All My Way, All Ony My Own" by Aki Akito 18
"A Potion is Worth a Thousand Genes" by Charmander and Pichu 18
"The Leauge Prom" by Squirtle'sGurl07 18
"A World of Destiny" by Yami Ash 18
"A Game of Truths" by Legacy 17
"Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver" by Mario Alvarado: World Champion 17
"Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm" by Moya 17
"The Beautifly Effect" by Raichu 17
"Journal" by Trainer 123456 17
"Ebony Feathers" by Angelical Proportions 16
"The Journey of Pokemon" by Soccerpixie 16
"When He Stands Alone" by Star Fighter 16
"Operation: Celebi" by Ash Junior 15
"Ash's Decision" by Sheikh Alfonso 15
"I Never Knew" by Silver Angel 15
"When Hearts Are Aglow" by A Crazy Girl 14
"Beginnings of a Master" by Articunokel 14
"You're The Only One" by Baylee 14
"Legendary Pokemon and Love" by Chibi-Suiko 14
"Fate's Game" by E_Eevee 14
"Ivory: The Opal League " by E_Eevee 14
"The Arena" by E2K 14
"And They Lived Happily Ever After-Um...LINE!?" by Erina-Chan 14
"Pokemon Neo, Book 1: Let's Go, Dratini!" by Kenta Macauttum 14
"Best Friends and More" by Misty Ketchum 14
"Adopted Love" by Seabeast 14
"Crooked" by A Silent Rain 13
"What If..." by Ash Junior 13
"Tangled Web" by ChicRocketJames 13
"Time For One More Adventure" by Amy Ketchem 12
"The Legend of the Chosen Ones" by Misty Wildflower 12
"My Heart Is Yours" by Mysterio Man 12
"Eternal Winter" by Pika-Zukin 12
"The Hoenn Academy" by Shadow Master 12
"A Vacation for Lurve" by Silver Angel 12
"Bad Moon Rising" by Windra 12
"Kaleidescope" by Erina-Chan 11
"You Broke My Heart" by Jirachi The Legend 11
"Pokémon: Eternal Legacies" by Mikazuchi 11
"Whenever, Wherever" by R.A.W. 11
"Changing Times" by E_Eevee 10
"Apprentice" by Li Unozawa 10
"Pokemon: Revealations of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 10
"Just Married" by Russian Meowth 10
"Prickly Heat" by Erina-Chan 9
"Invincible...right?" by Supersajinwill 9
"Neo Dark Ages" by Bartholomew Qbiak 8
"Future Heroes" by Electric Ace 8
"Ancient Blood" by Shadowed Mewtwo 8
"The Crossing of Paths" by AJ 7
"Legendary Quest: The Watcher" by R.A.W. 6