February 2003 Voting Results for The Golden Pokeball!

"A Well Deserved Rest" by Emotwo 39
"Love Smiles" by Crimson Flame 26
"I Think Of You" by Usagi Tuskino 25
"Twining Tails (Devoted To You)" by Sweet Baby Ninetails 24
"Discovering Love" by Moya 22
"Love Is Ageless" by SaKuRa DrOpS 22
"Love's First Kiss" by Vanessa 20
"Reunited" by Enriq 18
"Maybe being next to you is a little nicer than I thought..." by Kanvus17
"Discovery in Melville" by Gemma 15
"Discovering Love?!" by Arcanine 11
"I Think You Dropped These" by Melodi 8
"Dark Love" by Lady Gya 8
"In Love's Trance" by Misty Kawaii Ketchum 7
"I Think I Love You" by Kally Ketchum 4