February 2006 Voting Results for The Golden Pokeball!

"Battle for Love" by Squirtle'sGurl07 70
"PokeBall Z" by Robby Bevard 42
"Ash's Toughest Battle - His Mother! =O" by Chatsy 41
"Ash's Toughest Battle, Charizard vs Gengar" by WeirdDutchGuy 35
"Who Do You Think Satoshi's Toughest Battle Is With?" by Yami Chibi Chibi 34
"The Final Gym Leader" by Master Giovanni 32
"Captured In Mind and Body" by Birma 29
"Ash's Toughest Battle: Wedding Day Nerves" by Raichu 29
"Ash's Toughest Battle: Electrified Hair" by Schokman 27
"Ash's Toughest Battle" by Kitten 22
"Ash's Toughest Battle, Choose Pikachu or Misty" by Bubbles 19
"Ready For Battle" by Pikachu 15
"Ash's Toughest Battle from The Butterfly" by CelestialTime93 11