August 2003 Voting Results for The Golden Pokeball!

"James' First Swimtime Lesson" by Holly 34
"Picture Poifect" by Gemma 23
"Jessie and James on the Beach" by Black Ninetales 17
"Father vs. Son IV: Vacation" by G.M. Utahraptor 16
"A 'Friendly' Game Of Chicken..." by SaKuRa DrOpS 15
"Sun, Sea & Sunburn" by Nikki Aino 12
"Summertime Fun And Summertime Rest" by Moya 11
"Sand Castle" by Kabocha 9
"Summertime Fun -- Rocket Style!" by Tinanit Enozym 9
"Ignorance Is Bliss" by Celebi 7
"Sunburn" by Enriq 7
"Lying On The Beach" by Pikachu 5
"Summer Fun" by *Aoi Suiren 5
"James The Spy" by Vulpix 5
"A Day Off" by Dazdnconfusd730 5
"Summer Lovin'" by Kally Ketchum 4
"Surf's Up, Meowth!" by FerreTrip 3
"Summer Fun In The Sun" by Mrs. Melody Brock Slate 3