August 2006 Voting Results for The Golden Pokeball!

"No Gold for Psyduck (Because then he'd be Golduck!)" by Robby Bevard 45
"Off to the races" by The Pokemon Creator 25
"Pokemon Summer Olympics" by MasterGiovanni 21
"Summer Olympics - Pokémon style" by Chatsy 19
"Pokemon Summer Olympics" by Aspendragon 18
"Pokemon Summer Olympics" by Kitten 17
"Pikachu!! High Jump!!" by CelestialTime93 12
"Running with the Moltres Flame!" by Greenfield's Thunder Aroura 9
"Synchronized swimming-Rocket style! " by Kally 9
"And this year's winner" by Bethy23 8
"And our winners are..." by Pikachu 7
"Pokemon Summer Olympics" by RCF 2.0 6
"Pokemon Olympics" by Ruby Fox 6