December 2006 Voting Results for The Golden Pokeball!

"Lucia the Librarian" by Robby Bevard 44
"Iris! The Beautifly Guardian of The Pokemon Tower!" by Moya 40
"Artie the BookWurmple" by C.A.A.T. 39
"Kaidreon Steals The Jolt Master's Wizard Staff" by Celebi 35
"Misty's Sexy Yukata" by Meheeners 30
"TPT Mascot - Smeargle" by Chatsy 29
"The Pokemon Tower Mascot: Pikarin-chan" by Kitten 26
"Mystic Secrets That Lay Just Beneath The Surface... - TPT mascot - Mew!" by Greenfield's Thunder Aurora 21
"Mystery (Lucario) TPT Mascot" by Prince Ash 13
"Sneria the Shiny Sneasel" by Team Shadow Admin Anny 13
"Hiken, the Shiny Eevee" by Zuzu The Mudkip 11
"Paprica, Princess of The Pokemon Tower" by Jasmine Ottashi 8
"Tora and her starter" by Latios Dragonrider 7
"Kikachu The Pokemon Tower's Super Cool Mascot" by Super Pikachu 7