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The Masters Ball (AAMRN)

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Summary for The Master's Ball: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Ash, Misty and Brock find themselves in Joy City. A small but pleasent place filled with shops for tourists who love them. Joy City is full of memory. Tragic memory at that. They have been threatened by the incident that occured 23 years ago. It was the 12th annual Master's Ball. Pokemon were stolen and 1 life was taken. Now 23 years later, The Master's Ball has returned. Yet again Joy City is in terror. The City's people are expecting someone to save the day if they were to encounter de ja vu......... Ash and Misty have had feelings for each other for a while now. What they lack though is the knowledge that the other feels the same way. Ash discovers the past about Joy City and wants to take matters into his own hands. The Mayor of Joy City decides to hold the 13th annual Master's Ball. Of course the people of the city are a little worried but none the less, excited. Ash is more focused on the prtection of the city than he is of Misty. Will his ego stop him from telling Misty how he truly feels?

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