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- I -


Chapter II




Ok, let me recap the situation here. Last chapter I told you how, due to some crazy events, I ended up in the realm of Pokémon. It wouldn’t get through to me at first, but as the hints continued to pile up before me I had to accept it eventually. But it didn’t stop there, because just as I was about to stock up on supplies I literally ran into a girl. As I tried to help her back up her Haunter played a prank on me, and I ended up on the floor as well. A few moments and apologies later we were back on our feet, and because I was looking for a travelling partner anyway I was wondering if she could cook. I was about to ask, but I got… sidetracked. Imagine my surprise when she beat me to the question!


“Can you cook?” The girl suddenly asked me. I had to resist the strong urge to drop my lower jaw right into the ground then and there, but I was still very much in shock. She stole my line! A few moments of awkward silence passed before she suddenly realized what she just said. “Oh, uh… I guess I’m going too fast, huh. I mean, we don’t even know our names yet.” I was sure that if we’d been in an actual anime episode she would’ve been sweating profusely now. She radiated embarrassment, despite the forced smile.


“Well let me fix that, the name’s Rick.” I said as I extended my hand, transforming her smile into a genuine one while she took it. “Rose.” It dawned on me that she had just made the suggestion of trekking together, and though I really was looking for someone to travel with, the way she asked it toned down my excitement. She asked if I could cook, which could only really mean one thing…


“I take it you can’t cook then, judging from what you asked me.” I more or less stated. The head shake didn’t come as much of a surprise to me. “Yeah, that figures. Oh well, shouldn’t have expected a miracle anyway.” Rose gave me an odd look at this comment, so I explained to her how I was hoping to come across a chef cook before moving to the next town, to avoid having to live on simple sandwiches for days on end. Because I could not cook either.


“Wow, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve had enough of my bad cooking so I was wondering if someone here that can actually fry an egg without coaling it would tag along with me. As far as I know you are the only other trainer in this town though.” I was slightly surprised at this fact. She sounded like she had been here a while now, yet she hadn’t seen any other trainers? And here I was thinking this place would be packed. “You are a trainer, right?”


“What?” I blinked, as her question sort of caught me off guard. Then again, her uncertainty was fairly understandable. She hadn’t actually seen a trainer here after all, she could just be mistaken again. “I’m a trainer alright, why wouldn’t I be?”


“Well for one you don’t look like one. And you’re a bit old.” She said. Right, should’ve seen the age one coming, even if I didn’t understand why someone could be too old. What was the common starting age again, ten wasn’t it? I felt that little ten year-olds trekking about with backpacks bigger than their own torso wasn’t exactly the brightest move, but Rose didn’t seem to share my opinion. “Most people stop training before they get to our age, unless they work at a Gym.” She clarified after she saw my blank expression.


“You’re still training too though, so what’s with that?” She visibly tensed up at my question, so I assumed I wouldn’t get a straight answer on that one.


“There’s ah… a good reason for that.” She trailed off as she no doubt tried to find a way around my question. Her age seemed to bother her quite a bit.


“Hey, it’s no problem. You’re not the only one, remember.” I quickly said, deciding to spare her further torture on the age subject. Haunter, who I had nearly forgotten about, suddenly floated back into my view and seemed to be trying to cheer its trainer up a bit. It looked quite powerful, and the fact that Rose was confident enough to let it out of its ball certainly vouched for its loyalty. Gastly was no regular starter, at least not as far as I knew, yet despite that fact the two seemed firmly bonded. The bonds that tie a Pokémon and its trainer are one of the things my games couldn’t replicate, I realized, but now that I was here myself I most certainly could. I suddenly wondered what the personalities of my own Pokémon would be, or if they even liked me. We’d never really met before, we’d never been able to bond, or communicate in any way. For all I knew they could hate my guts. Staring at the pocket that held my Pokéballs I wondered about the Charmeleon, Diglett, Pidgeotto, and Butterfree that made up my current line-up. They had been nothing but numbers and figures before, yet from now on they would be real and thinking for themselves. And as corny as it sounded, I just hoped they’d be my friends too.


“Hello, Earth to Rick, are you going to stand there all day, or are we going to get moving?” Rose’s comment pulled me from my thoughts, well partially at least, and I mumbled a quick “right” before following her. Luckily for me she was also headed for the Mart, as I had forgotten all about shopping due to my recent thoughts and would’ve probably followed her even if she was going in the opposite direction. “Since neither of us can cook, I suggest we buy as many instant meals as we can carry and we’ll just take turns warming them up.” Well, I guessed her mind was set then. It seemed I had found my travelling partner.




“Well?” The father asked while impatiently circling around the room. He had come home as fast as he could after the news reached him. His wife had phoned an ambulance and they were now in hospital, waiting for the doctor to finish his examination.


“It appears as if he’s in some sort of comatose state, but it doesn’t seem to be an actual coma.” The doctor mused as he frowned in thought. This case was unusual; he hadn’t ever come across anything like this. The young man on the bed was perfectly fine, healthy in all aspects, and there was still some brain activity.


“Meaning what?”


“Meaning that the light’s on, but nobody’s home. Normally in a coma all brain and body functions cease and machines are needed to keep things going, but even though he doesn’t respond to anything, his body is still active. Also, even though the largest part of the brain seems to be inactive, the stem is still sending all the signals it should.” The doctor explained patiently. “But… I’ve never seen this before; I don’t know what to make of it. I’ll have to get a second opinion of someone more knowledgeable on this.”


“You’re saying there’s nothing we can do?” The doctor shook his head slowly, getting a gasp from the people around him. “Not for the time being, I’m afraid.”




“Whoa, that one looks tasty… And that one… Oh and here another one. Come on Rick, bring the cart over!” I sighed in irritation after Rose had slipped from whatever was holding her back and into a full blown shopping frenzy. This should’ve been a simple trip to the supermarket to stock up on food, but Rose quickly got caught up in it. The cart looked awfully full as it was, yet Rose seemed intent on buying out the whole shop.


“Rose, please… can we even afford all this stuff? Who am I kidding, never mind affording it, what about carrying it?!” I groaned as I got called over yet again. This was going to seriously dent what little funds I assumed I had. I did have money, right? Just to be sure I searched my pockets for a wallet, quickly finding one in the pocket I always kept mine in. It even looked the same, but by now nothing could surprise me, or so I thought. When I opened it I was confronted with a vast amount of cash, finding myself dumbstruck on the spot. There must’ve been thousands of… of… Poké dollars? I wondered what exactly the currency here was.


“We’ll just buy the cart too.” Came the dry reply to my complaint. “Come on, it’s not that much, I just want to be sure we don’t starve out there. Besides, with that wad of cash you’re holding I don’t think money is much of an issue.” So now I had been drafted to pay for the stuff too. I guessed I shouldn’t mind that much. I did have enough cash… and by the time my mind had formulated a new complaint, we were checking out.


Outside, we split the stuff between the two of us, and I stuffed as much of it in my pack as it could hold. There were lots of instant meals, which is what we set out to buy, but there were also items like Potions and even a few Revive tablets. Not that I’d be needing them, or planned on needing them in any case. As I checked my watch, I realized there was still plenty of time left today. The fact my watch was even there no longer surprised me at all.


“So, what type of Pokémon do you train?” Rose asked while I slung my pack over my shoulder, breaking the silence I hadn’t even noticed.


“All of them. Or as many different types as I can carry anyway. My team varies from Fire to Bug and Flying to Ground. I want to be able to counter any type I might run into in some way.” I replied, not without pride. From the corner of my eye, I noticed her smirking, probably because she caught it too. Deciding to return the favour I turned slightly and asked her pretty much the same question. “What about you? Ghosts?”


“Sort of. I don’t train any type, I train only this Haunter.” I was stunned. Well mentally anyway, physically I just kept going straight – be it with a blank look on my face. She only trained Haunter? Yet she’d come this far using only that single Pokémon? I was impressed, even if Ghost types weren’t the most common, and counters to them weren’t exactly widely known, it was still a very good achievement. I would definitely have to catch a Gastly now. “Watch it, before you bump into something again.” Rose’s warning snapped me back just in time to dodge the lamppost in front of me. Today just wasn’t my day.


“What about badges? Got any yet?” I asked as we got close to the edge of town. She nodded and reached into her pocket, and pulled out two badges. I recognized them as the Thunder and Cascade badges, meaning she’d already challenged and defeated Misty and Surge. And with only Haunter to use. It seemed I would have plenty of expectations to hold up to. “Good, that means I won’t have to backtrack just yet.” I said while smirking, reaching into my pack to get the carry case I’d seen earlier when I loaded it with food. I opened it to show the same badges I just saw, plus the Boulder badge.


“The Boulder badge, that gym’s in Pewter isn’t it? Aw man, that’s not on the route, is it.” I nodded at the first question, and chose not to answer the rhetorical second. I was about to say we would have to go through there eventually in order to reach the Indigo Plateau, but as we walked out of town something more important caught my eye. Well, more important at this time anyway.


“Say, mind if I make a quick visit to that tower over there?” I asked as I pointed to the Lavender Tower.


“That old thing? I thought that was deserted, are you sure? …They say it’s haunted.” Rose said as she gazed at the structure.


“Exactly.” I said as I took in the fearsome features. It looked as it had in the anime, dark and uninviting, with monstrous sculptures along its roof. “That’s why I want to go in. It’s one of the few places you can actually catch Ghost types in. And I’ve been trying to find one for a while now.”


“Really? Well what are we waiting for then, let’s head inside.” I stumbled for words as Rose started walking towards the building. I really didn’t want her in there, as I was sort of hoping I could use this opportunity to get to know my Pokémon. And I didn’t want to cough up the entire story to her just to explain my probable sloppiness in battle. After all, I did have three badges, I shouldn’t be sloppy at all.


“Uhm… Actually, I was sort of… I want to go in alone, if you don’t mind.”




- II -


Author’s Note


Thus ends chapter two of my epic tale. Not much epic about it now, but come back in a few months and read this again, and I promise you it will… probably not have changed at all… But whatever. It’s the upcoming chapters that will be epic. Maybe not the next one, or the one after that, but eventually… *Cough* anyway, still no Pokémon, but this one DID have trace elements of it! And next chapter will have them. Lots and lots too.


Chapter three: Rick goes to catch a Gastly, using his Pokémon for the first time. Going against his wish to go alone, Rose joins him in the Tower of Terror, which turns out to be a good thing, as the ghosts there don’t like to be caught in claustrophobic little balls…




- III -


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