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- I -


Chapter I




A loud groan escaped me as I grasped my head with both hands. Not only did I just have the weirdest dream, with me being hit by a lightning bolt at the end of it, but this head ache was killing me. Slowly my senses returned to me and I noticed I was most definitely not on my bed, but more likely on the floor. I opened my eyes to see what was going on and to my great surprise I was looking right at the blue sky above me, despite the fact that I didn’t have a skylight in my room. As I tried to sit up straight I felt like I’d been hit by a freight train and resisted the urge to ask the air if someone ‘got the license plate of that bus’. Having accomplished the task of sitting up I then decided getting on my feet would have to wait until the dizzy feeling went away and my stomach untwisted itself, so I looked around instead, which did nothing but increase my confusion to unimaginable levels.


“What the… where the heck am I?” I whispered as I took in the surrounding landscape. It was rocky and slightly mountainous, but it had a fair amount of greenery spread about it. A larger mountain loomed a short distance away. Somehow it seemed familiar, but I was certain we didn’t have any hills at all back at home, let alone full blown mountains. I quickly reached the conclusion that, wherever I was, it wasn’t anywhere near home, and that I’d have to fend for myself for the time being. A feeling of dread latched onto my stomach, crushing any hopes I had left of it untwisting anytime soon, as I realized that I didn’t have any food, shelter, or money with me, reducing my options to either dying or getting ridiculously lucky and stumble across civilization. Despite being quite a pessimist at heart I hoped it would be the latter. After shaking off the dizziness I slowly rose to my feet, checking my body for pains and injuries in the process. Satisfied that all was as well as it could be I randomly picked a direction and started walking, the head ache subsiding a bit with every step I took.




I had decided to move away from the mountain for no particular reason, but as I walked I grew increasingly curious with regards to the wildlife, or the lack of it, actually. I had expected to come across some cows or goats or something, but so far it seemed like there was nothing here. Come to think of it, I hadn’t even seen any birds yet, which was odd in a tranquil place like this. With no real visible human influence I really did expect the place to be cramped with animals. Wandering on, something caught my eye that made me smile. The top of a tower poked out just a bit over the next hilltop, meaning people, and maybe a chance to get home. I broke into a run and rushed through the small valley in between that hill and the one I was on. Suddenly something that looked like a rat dashed out of the grass to my left and disappeared back into the grass on the other side. Though I didn’t get a good look in, I could’ve sworn I saw a flash of purple. But rats weren’t purple, were they? Shrugging it off, I continued running until I reached the top of the other hill. Then I froze at the sight of the building before me. It looked terribly familiar, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t place it. Even without fully knowing what it was, it looked menacing enough by itself, and I thought it wiser to look for a different shelter. Off to my right I saw a small town, and again I was awestruck. One of the buildings looked like a… but it couldn’t be, could it? The big ‘P’ was a strong hint, but my mind could still not accept it. As I stood speechless a large shadow passed over me, and having recovered enough I risked a glance up and spotted a large brownish bird. Make that a massive bird, as its wingspan must’ve been at least five or six meters. But it was the shape… so familiar.


Now thoroughly confused, I made my way into the town and towards the building where I suspected I’d get my answers. Approaching the glass doors I got the first good look at me in the reflection. I was still wearing denim jeans, much like I was before blacking out, I was wearing the same Nike sneakers too, and a similar white T-shirt, but the extra shirt I was wearing had vanished and been replaced with a thicker vest of sort. I sort of liked the new vest, with the long sleeves and the deep blue colour. My darkish blond hair wasn’t sticking out in every direction, so I doubted the bolt had done me much physical harm other than the head ache. The doors opened as I got closer and I stepped into the building, walking towards the counter directly opposite of the door. Behind the counter a young woman wearing a nurse outfit was tapping away on a keyboard. The features were unmistakable and just like that all my doubt and confusion were blown aside. Replacing it was shock and denial, as I silently wished someone would wake me up now.


“Oh, you’re back? Good, your Pokémon are just about ready, Rick.” Nurse Joy said to me after she noticed me. I was back? I’d never been here before, yet she knew my name and I had apparently brought some Pokémon here? As I pondered this the puzzle started to fall into place. I had just healed my line up at the Centre in the game I was playing, and had headed out north to mop up some trainers I skipped, but before I got there that lightning bolt struck. It was fairly far fetched, but it seemed as if my game’s save, combined with my body or something, was used to create me in this world. Meaning that this was either very much real, or part of that wacky dream I thought I was having. Whatever was true, I was here, in the Pokémon world, very real, very much alive, and able to feel and touch everything. And with my own set of Pokémon… Awesome…


Somewhere in the back of my mind though, I knew I couldn’t stay here. And that brought up a whole new point entirely. How the heck was I supposed to get back in the first place? Should I ask for help? And if so, who in their rightful minds would believe me if I told them? I supposed I could try with professor Oak, but his lab was on the other end of the region, though conveniently close to the route to the Indigo Plateau. It would be only a minor detour, and maybe a valuable life experience. Maybe I could actually be a Pokémon trainer first, and still get back to my own world at the end of it.


It didn’t take Nurse Joy long to return with ‘my’ Pokémon and snap me out of my thoughts. After kindly thanking her and having to promise her to be more careful in the future, I was ready to leave and face the world. Until Joy pointed out that I nearly left without my backpack. So I had a bag, too? Sure enough, in the corner, on a bench, lay a white and blue backpack. Hopefully it had some eatable stuff in it, because unlike the ‘me’ from the game, I required food to keep me going instead of batteries. And that made me wonder about a whole new matter; cooking. I couldn’t cook if my life depended on it, something that might not make much of a difference if I could get to a Pokémon Centre in time, but if I’d be forced to camp outside… The thought of having nothing but cold meals wasn’t very appealing, but I wouldn’t get anywhere if I refused to live on cold meals once in a while. Unless of course I ran into someone who could cook along the way, but gambling never really favoured me before, so I’d be better off avoiding it. Pondering on this, I paid too little attention to where I was going, ending up bumping into something, or rather someone as a surprised yelp reached my ears. I looked at the source of the sound and found a girl sitting on the floor, though I was sure she was standing earlier.


“I’m sorry, I should’ve paid better attention to where I was going…” I said while nervously extending my right hand in an offer to help her back up, while my left subconsciously scratched the back of my head in embarrassment. It wasn’t everyday that I ran someone down.


“That’s ok, I wasn’t paying much attention either.” She said before reaching for my hand with hers. Just before she reached me though, a big purple silhouette shot forward from inside of her it seemed, making me jump a few feet in surprise, literally. Another quick but loud yelp later I shared her fate and sat on the ground, staring at the floating transparent purple mass in front of me in obvious shock. Haunt-haunt-haunt-haunt-haunt! It laughed. Or so it seemed anyway.


“Ugh, stop that Haunter! I thought I told you not to spook anymore people!” The girl yelled at the laughing Ghost while pushing the floating head and its unattached hands aside. How she was able to actually push it without falling right through was beyond me, but after my shock subsided I got back up on my feet trying to hold on to as much of my shattered dignity and pride as possible. Well, so far for first impressions. She quickly apologized while shooting another glare at the Ghost type hovering next to her. “Sorry, he tends to do that to strangers. In fact, he tends to do that to everyone.” She said, stressing the final part. Haunter just kept laughing.


“It’s ok, I deserved it I guess.” While I replied I was able to get a better look at her. She appeared to be just about my age, around seventeen or so, but about a head shorter than me, and her light brown hair was just long enough to brush her shoulders. She was wearing jeans, like me, only a tighter fit, and had what looked like a white shirt under a denim jacket, but I wasn’t sure if it had sleeves or not. She was certainly not bad looking either, and I silently wondered if she could cook. I suddenly realized I was staring at her, but couldn’t help but notice she was doing the same thing. I turned my gaze towards the Haunter, noting that I’d have to catch myself a Gastly in that tower while I was here, seeing as I might not return here for a while after leaving. The Ghost returned my gaze, seemingly sizing me up much like its trainer was doing, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable under their scrutiny. What were they sizing me up for anyway?


“Can you cook?” She blurted out suddenly.




- II -


Author’s Note


Hope you liked that, starts to any of my stories are usually a bit rocky. Sorry there’s not much Pokémon in there just yet, but have patience, and it’ll be rewarded. If I’m honest, the next chapter won’t have any either, but I promise action in chapter three. Now for a request on my side; you’re going to press that button that brings up the review window, and you’re going to tell me what’s wrong with it (if anything is) and what you liked about it, so that I know if I’m doing okay. Okay? Deal.


Chapter two: After waking up in a world filled with Pokémon, Rick bumped into Rose, a girl who is trying to become the very best, but uses only one Pokémon. And if that isn’t strange enough, neither of them has even the slightest idea how to cook…

So it’s off to the Mart for some Meals-Ready-to-Eat.




- III -


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