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- I -


Chapter VI




“Not bad, eh?” Maxim boasted while petting his new Gyarados. He had just finished telling of his battle with the Rocket grunt. It was boring until Magikarp evolved, bluntly put. After that it was hardly a contest, and the Rocket had to run for his life. Maxim seemingly picked up on my slight sigh and raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t think I would win, did you? Well?”


“If I’m brutally honest…” I started, pausing a bit for the dramatic effect. “If your Magikarp hadn’t evolved, you wouldn’t have stood a chance.”


“I’ll take you up on that challenge! … Just as soon as I actually find my other Magikarp.”


Maxim raised a valid point. Team Rocket hadn’t exactly been careful with the Pokéballs. Of course, they never expected to have to return them, so it kind of made sense that they hadn’t cared about which ball belonged to who. The ancient truck was loaded with crates, and in each crate were several dozens of Pokéballs. Just how long had they been out here? I snorted at my thought. Probably as long as it would take us to figure out which were Maxim’s.


“No thanks, my own Pokémon are pretty battered. I’d like a visit to Fuchsia’s Pokémon Centre first.” I said, before an idea hit me while looking at the piece of scrap before us. It would certainly save us a lot of time. “Hey, if we can get that thing started I can drive us there.”


“What?” Rose asked as if I were nuts. I couldn’t exactly blame her. I mean, the thing did look pretty beat down, I concluded as I circled it once more. True, I had never driven a truck before, or any car for that matter. Let alone one without power-steering and an engine that looked just about ready to blow up in someone’s face, if they ever got it started in the first place. The thing’s red painted plating was rusted completely through at some places, and as I tugged on the door I felt something give way inside, after which I carefully withdrew my hand before it fell off completely. It swung open with a loud creak, so I guessed I had broken the lock. Now remained the challenge of starting the thing…




“You two are so incredibly incompetent it makes me puke!” The Rocket yelled at his subordinates after finally reaching the safety of their safe house in Fuchsia. “All you had to do,” He started again, pointing at ‘Jason’. “Was beat a single Magikarp, and you couldn’t even do that!” Jason looked at his feet in shame while his boss continued after turning to ‘Billy’. “And you, you couldn’t even start that stupid truck!”


“But boss,” Billy objected. “You couldn’t either… And you sort of l-”


“Don’t even go there!” The boss roared after being reminded that he didn’t really do all that well himself. “Who were those kids anyway?”


“Well, they’ll probably be headed to the Gym, right?” Jason said, catching the boss’s attention. “So stake out there. They have to state their names and origins for the challenge, right?” The boss replayed that thought in his head once before his frown turned into a dark grin…




We only just drove into the city’s outskirts when the engine died again, but this was close enough. I jumped off holding Dugtrio’s Pokéball and started running. His condition had worsened on the way back, now that the poison slowly started doing its job.


“You guys go find a police station and show them the truck. I’m taking Minimum to a Centre!” I yelled back as I ran further into the town. It wasn’t long though before I realized how stupid I was being. I had no idea where I was going and at this rate I’d run out of time and breath by the time I finally did. I cursed myself under my breath. Why didn’t we get antidotes when we were in Lavender? I looked left and right looking for any street sign that could give me a clue, and I didn’t notice the man until I nearly hit him.


“Careful boy, where is the fire?” He asked after stopping me. I briefly looked up and saw a hard face lined by greying spiky hair. He grunted after I explained why I was in such a rush, and as I made to take off again he stopped me. “Show me your Dugtrio.”


Hesitantly I reached for Dugtrio’s Pokéball, not even knowing why I was listening to this man. Wouldn’t letting him out speed up the poison’s work? I shook off the thought as I pressed the release, causing the ball to split open and reveal a very sick looking mole. Dugtrio looked seriously ill; I had no idea it would go this fast. Kneeling down I placed my hand on one of the heads as I stumbled for words. I was definitely worried now, with the heat radiating off Dugtrio’s body, and only just kept myself from cursing out loud about wasting time here. Surprisingly the man knelt down beside me and placed his own hand on another head only a second later and presented Dugtrio with some sort of herb-like plant.


“Chew on this. It’s a natural cure.” He spoke softly, and Dugtrio weakly took the plant. The effect didn’t take very long to show, as barely half a minute later I could tell his temperature had gone down some. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to thank the man, but he had already gotten up and was about to start walking. “The Pokémon Centre is up on that hill overseeing the town, right next to the Gym. Until we meet again.”


I stood up, watching him turn a corner and disappear. I recalled Dugtrio with a faint smile on my face and started running for the hill the man had pointed to. Houses shooting past me in a blur, I reached the Centre quickly now that I knew where to look. As I walked through the door I was greeted by… “Rose? How did you… You beat me here?” She smirked and called me a Slowpoke…




“Dugtrio is going to be just fine, but he’s going to need some rest. You should keep him out of battle for a day or two. And next time, be more careful.” Nurse Joy told me after taking care of Dugtrio. I said my thanks, promised to be more careful, and walked out the door. As the man had said, the Centre was located on a small hill, and the view of the city was pretty nice from up here. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a zoo in the distance and made a mental note to go see that before we left again. Rose, who had been waiting outside, abandoned her spot against the wall and looked at a fairly large building a few meters away. It was oriental, with some writing on it I assumed was Japanese. The man had said the Gym was right next to the Centre, so I walked towards it.


“I think this is the Gym, Rose.” I said, fairly impressed with the looks of the thing. It was a carbon copy of those houses you’d see in one of those ninja movies on TV. Thinking back to my game, I remembered Koga’s Gym had some surprises for the challenger. You didn’t just walk up to him, but you had to go through some sort of maze of invisible walls and trainers. And as I thought of that I wondered what it would be like now.


“Are you coming in?” Rose asked from the doorstep after sliding the door open, throwing me off my thought train. I took one last nervous look at the Gym before stepping through the door. If only I hadn’t missed that episode where Ash went to fight Koga, maybe then I’d have an idea of  what I was getting into.


“Careful,” I whispered. “there could be traps in here.”


“Oh please, that would be lame. And why are you whispering?” Rose said as she laughed my comment away. “Nobody would trap a Gy-AH!” Rose sudden cry of surprise made me spin around, and I had trouble to keep myself from laughing at the sight. The place was trapped alright, and she’d fallen for one. “Quit laughing and get me down from here!”


I decided it was best to do so, and I quickly lowered the net back to the ground. As I looked at the floor I noticed shallow carvings in the wood, in the pattern of the net. That was why we didn’t see it… Rose was not happy at getting netted. Either that, or she wasn’t happy at me being right. In any case, she turned around with a dark cloud over her head and kept walking down the corridor while muttering something about smart-ass Gym leaders. I shook my head as I followed her with a chuckle. However, when I reached the corner, the lights went off. And after a few more minutes of walking I got the distinct feeling we were walking in circles. I looked down at the floor again, but couldn’t see anything because it was dark. As Rose walked on, I reached down and ran my hand across the surface. I felt carvings. Suddenly Rose stopped and motioned me over.


“Look over there… Is that light coming through the wall?” I looked at the wall she pointed at and- there was light coming from the wall. If our corridor hadn’t been so dark I wouldn’t have seen it. There was some coming from underneath it, and some shining through a small slit, barely visible, as if there was a door. This Gym didn’t have invisible walls, but invisible doors. Slightly less original, but no less annoying. I knocked on the ‘wall’ just to make sure, and it did sound as if it wasn’t very thick and had a big open space behind it.


“I was wondering when you’d figure it out!” A voice suddenly shouted from behind the wall. I heard a clicking sound and the wall slid away, revealing a big room. The walls of this one looked like they were made of concrete instead of wood, and… there was no ceiling? This was some sort of courtyard! I continued my quick scan and noticed a battlefield painted on the floor, and standing at the far end of it was the man who helped me earlier with Dugtrio.


“That’s what he meant by ‘until we meet again’.” I muttered as I looked at Koga. He just smirked back at me, until he noticed Rose, who was still pretty pissed. His smile faltered slightly as Rose stomped forward.


“You’re the Gym leader? Good! I, Rose of Saffron City, challenge you for your badge!” She yelled. I wisely stepped back a few paces and took up position next to the door. Just in case she brought the Gym down.


“So be it. The rules are simple. Each will use three Pokémon, and the first to knock out all three of the opponent’s Pokémon wins. You may switch yours out, but I may not. Do you understand?” Koga said, carefully.


“I understand,” Rose started, after which Koga attempted to speak again but Rose cut into him. “But I only have Haunter, so my choice is obvious.” Haunter floated onto the battlefield at the remark, and gave a slight nod of respect to the gym leader.


“I see. Well, I would hate to be unfair, so let’s make it a one on one.” I smirked at Koga’s response; he was such a sucker when it came to doing the honourable thing. It would probably cost him this match as he ran a Poison type Gym, last I checked, and Haunter had a severe type advantage in that case, even to the point of rendering Koga’s special attack move Toxic useless. Rose had it in the bag. Koga kept a calm demeanour though, unfazed by his opponent. “Now, Venomoth!” Well, at least he wouldn’t be holding back, I thought as the giant purple moth Pokémon took form in a bright flash. I seriously needed to get some sunglasses; I would not get used to that. “There will be no time limit. We fight until one caves or forfeits. Begin!”


“Haunter, start off with Nightshade!” Rose called, and Haunter complied by charging its disembodied hands with black energy and releasing it at the Venomoth. Koga ordered a Psybeam immediately and the two attacks collided in the centre of the Gym, causing a small explosion. And that started off their battle. “Again!” Rose ordered.


“Disable!” Venomoth’s counter froze Haunter in its tracks, and it was having visible trouble breaking the psychic hold. Until Rose called for Hypnosis and Venomoth had to let go to avoid direct eye contact. The moth fluttered up beyond the roof of the Gym, waiting for an order, and Haunter exploited this by blending into the shadows. “Use Foresight to track it, Venomoth!”


“Haunter quick, Confuse Ray!” Venomoth had just started scanning the room with its Foresight when an ominous ball of light was launched at its back from the farthest corner. Koga quickly had it dive down causing it to miss the first pass, but the Ray made a second attempt as Haunter, eyes aglow, steered it back to its target with a flick of its non-existent wrist.


Psybeam!” Koga called just as the Ray was about to hit. Venomoth’s Psybeam obliterated the attack, but after it finished Haunter was nowhere to be found. I looked around the room trying to spot the Ghost, but it was well hidden. Rose would no doubt exploit this.


“Use Shadow Punch, and make it count!” She said moments later. Suddenly multiple ghostly fists shot from the ground below and pummelled the poor moth into submission. “Now Lick!” Rose quickly added. Haunter slowly rose from the ground directly in front of the tired bug and promptly slammed the flat top of its tongue into it. As several sweat drops rolled down both Koga and Venomoth’s heads Haunter moved its tongue upwards, licking the moth’s entire front. It didn’t take long for the paralysis to kick in this time either, and the moth dropped to the floor an instant later, shaking like a leaf as it tried to overcome its complete neural shutdown.


“A well fought battle. I must commend you, young lady, you have earned your Soul badge.” Koga withdrew his fallen bug and crossed the field, extending his right hand to Rose, who shook it and gratefully took the badge from the palm of his left. He then looked at me, sizing me up with his cold stare. “I suppose you are next?”


“I am. Rick of Lavender Town, to cover the formalities. And I have more than enough Pokémon, even without Dugtrio.” I said, taking my spot on the field.


“Ah yes, I watched you bring him in. Give it a few days and he’ll be fine.” He smiled, before his face tightened up again. “But now, we will do battle. As said before, three Pokémon each in single battles. You may switch, I may not. As I am the defending party I shall pick first.”


Koga took out a Pokéball and brought out a purple fur ball; Venonat, a half Bug, half Poison type. My fingers searched out Blaze’s Pokéball and unclipped it from my belt. Even if Rose had just knocked out one of his strongest, if not the strongest of his Pokémon, I wasn’t about to underestimate him. “Let’s go Blaze.” I said before tossing the ball into the field. The red lizard appeared moments after, looking ready.


“There is no time limit. We fight until one caves or forfeits, begin!”


“Blaze, Flamethrower!” I yelled, hoping for a quick ending. Blaze complied immediately and shot an intense tongue of flames at the small fur ball, but its reaction speed proved to be faster than I thought. Venonat dodged to the side and the attack missed. I was stunned.


Venonat, use Sleep Powder!” Koga ordered, shaking me from my shock. Venonat started shaking wildly, sending blue powder flying into the air. I quickly ordered Blaze to use another Flamethrower and torch the stuff before it got to him. He got a good deal of it, but some of it still lingered and he was slightly dazed. “Now, Tackle him!”


“Snap out of it Blaze, shake it off!” Blaze shook his head a few times, but by the time he cleared it Venonat slammed its tiny body into him. Grunting at the impact, Blaze responded quickly by grabbing the little thing with his claws and smirked at his captive. My own expression quickly mimicked his as I was about to give him the order to torch it, but I changed my mind as I watched the thing wiggle desperately in Blaze’s grip. “Koga, I suggest you withdraw Venonat. I want to win, but I don’t want to injure it badly.”


“As I said, we fight until either Pokémon faints, or one of us gives up. I have no intention of giving up. Venonat, Psybeam!” Koga replied gruffly. Well in that case, who was I to disappoint?.


“Slam it Blaze!” Venonat’s eyes were starting to glow as it prepared to fire, but Blaze responded by throwing it slightly upwards and slamming his tail into it – not before pumping up his tail flame a bit, of course. The small Bug let out a cry on every impact with the floor while it bounced across the battlefield. “Now another Flamethrower!” Blaze once again breathed fire at the fur ball, which was lying face down on the Gym floor. He didn’t miss, and Venonat was out.




- II -


Author’s Note


Re-uploaded to let you know I’m alive and to get rid of the childish note. Stuff happened and people died, and that made me realise there are far worse things out there than losing a popularity vote. Speaking of votes, on a random visit to the main page I saw I actually won last time, so I’m bound to continue by my word, too.


Chapter seven: The battle with Koga intensifies and comes to an anticlimactic end. While Rick is waiting for his Pokémon to recover, he and Rose decide to visit the Safari zone, intent on seeing some rare Pokémon. The visit turns out to be slightly more exciting than expected…




- III -


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