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July 2011
No Winners For This Category!

November 2010
No Winners For This Category!

July 2010
No Winners For This Category!

March 2010
"All's Well That Ends Well"
by Ash Junior

November 2009
"Pokemon Amber"
by Aspendragon

July 2009
No Winners For This Category!

March 2009
by WeirdDutchGuy

November 2008
"This Is Your Time"
by Greenfield's Thunder Aurora

July 2008
"Hoenn: My New Home, A New Adventure"
by Lucky Chansey

March 2008
No Winners For This Category!

November 2007
"Pokemon: Saffron Moon"
by AbsolDragon

July 2007
No Winners For This Category!

March 2007
"Lati Riders"
by Latios Dragonrider

November 2006
"Cliff by the Sea"
by Koukla Doll

July 2006
"Psychic Fire"
by Theo 'Blitz' Leung

April 2006
"The Spirit of Fire"
by Kitten

January 2006
"Sapphire Sunsets"
by Torchick
"Emerald Ashes"
by Torchick and Twisted Alyx

October 2005
"Clash of the Titans"
by Creator Of Disastor

July 2005
"The Johto League"
by Celebi

April 2005
"Friendship's Flames"
by Twisted Alyx

January 2005
"The Hoenn Academy"
by Shadow Master

October 2004
"Beginnings of a Master"
by Articunomew

July 2004
"A Master's Last Wish"
by Kp606
"Pokemon: Islands of Islar"
by Lonepichu

April 2004
"The Quest for the Legends"
by Dragonfree

January 2004
by Obsidian Blade

October 2003
"The Ultimate Rival"
by Kenta Macauttum

July 2003
"United We Stand"
by Theo 'Blitz' Leung

April 2003
"Pokemon Academy"
by FoxFire and Shadow Master

January 2003
"The Dragon Master IV"
by The Dragon Master

October 2002
"Dragon Riders Chronicles"
by NightDragon0

July 2002
"The Blue Montain League"
by Sweet Baby Ninetails, Zerg1984ca and Articuno

April 2002
"To Be All I Can Be"
by EmeraldDragon

January 2002
"Echotrance Trilogy"
by Topaz

October 2001
by Aaliyah

July 2001
"On The Wings Of Council"
by Topaz

April 2001
"Pokemon in the Real World"
by Bulbasaur

January 2001
by Theo 'Blitz' Leung

October 2000
"The Pendant"
by Theo 'Blitz' Leung