Hello everyone! If you have some fanart you want me to put up, then just send them to me. I don't care how "bad" it is as long as it follows these guidelines.

Now, if you're already an established artist, please see Bunny the Flirtatious Receptionist downstairs.

Make sure your fanart are saved as either .GIF, .JPG, or .BMP only! The World Wide Web doesn't use too many other formats and I'm not the maverick type to run against the flow of the Raging River Internet.

Okay, here's what you need to give me when you submit your artwork:

    1. Title of your artwork
    2. Your name / psuedonym / nom d'art
    3. Your e-mail address
    4. The Category (Pokemon, Team Rocket, Trainer, Ash & Co., Other, Wallpaper)

These items are in the form that Bunny will give you at the bottom of the screen.

Only original artwork by the artist will be accepted. If I find out otherwise, yes, there will be hell to pay. In the world of art and literature, forgery is the equivalent of treason and will not be tolerated. You will be immediately removed and banned from The Pokemon Tower. If forgery is suspected, I am to be contacted directly and with proof. Wallpaper is somewhat exempted from this as you might be inclined to extract images (be they your own, copyrighted ones, or even another artist's images with their consent) and design something with them. That's fine. As long as you created it. If you pulled someone else's wallpaper or artwork and claim it as your own -- you're toast.

As an addendum to the above, sprite drawings are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. Sprites just don't look like something you drew and that's the point of The Pokemon Tower Museum; to display to others what you've drawn. Besides, if a bunch of people submitted the same sprite drawing, but in different colors...how do I know which is the original -- if any of them are! So, no sprites please.

If you are using someone else's original artwork to create some wallpaper, you must seek permission of the artist(s) first. The original artist might not want you do use their work.

You are only to submit YOUR OWN WORK! You are NOT to submit it on behalf of a friend or any of that jazz. I don't need to deal with any drama of maybe the friend didn't want it posted or whatnot or that your friend doesn't have a computer. I don't care if your friend doesn't have a computer. This is the 21st century. Find a library, find an Internet cafe, anything. Bill Gates' vision was to put Windows on every desktop in the corporate world. He succeeded and then some, so you *can* find a computer to send your stuff to The Tower.

I will NOT accept nude, sexually graphic or hentai artwork. Sorry. There are plenty of newsgroups and websites that are dedicated to that sort of content -- this site is not one of them. I can also assure you that there is no "secret area" or "hidden page" that contains anything of what I described above. There are many who would feel your pain at not being able to find the nasty stuff -- I'm not one of them.

That's all. If your artwork meets these guidelines, then send it to me and I'll put it up at the next update.

I look forward to seeing your creativity!

Go see Bunny the Flirtatious Receptionist

Bunny the Flirtatious Receptionist
"Hey sweetie, I just need to know one thing before you submit your fanart. Will you be:"

Submitting a file of your fanart?

Submitting a weblink to your fanart?

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