Greetings and welcome to the new Tower Media Center! Here you will be able to submit pokemon videos for everyone's viewing pleasure. Now, several things need to be clear from the get-go about this, which if you click the numbers will go into more detail. These guidelines may expand over time.

      1. Only links to videos are accepted
      2. It must be your original work.
      B. Go Straight To Bunny the Flirtatious Receptionist

Links Only

After some consideration, I felt that links would be the best way to go. The page will load very quickly and it'll drive traffic to a site of your choosing (be it your personal YouTube page or a domain of your own, where the file is stored). So, when you submit your fanvid, you need to include the following:

    1. Title.
    2. Name of the auteur (director, creator -- you get the idea).
    3. Your e-mail address.
    4. A rating
    5. The Category (General, AAMRN, JAJRN, Other Romance, Team Rocket, Comedy/Spoof, Dubs/Voice Overs, Music Videos, Cosplay and Original Creation).
          -- Only one category please

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Your Original Work Only

This really should without saying, but there are some out there who may not totally understand the purpose of The Tower's Media Center. The purpose is to provide a third avenue of creativity to express one's enjoyment of the pokemon world. And, given this is the age of YouTube, this seems like a more than appropriate addition.

Thus, if you are going to submit a fanvid, YOU must be the fan who created the video.

I'm sure there are hundreds of fanvids out there that depict all sorts of things; some funny, some not, some stupid. However, I don't want to receive submissions with statements of "Oh, my friend made this" or "Hey, this is really cool, you should post it!" Guess what? Your friend or the creator may not want to have it posted here. He may not want it posted anywhere else, *but* where it's at now.

So, put simply, if you didn't create it, you don't submit it. Period.

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Bunny the Flirtatious Receptionist
"Just fill out the form below, sweetie,
then click the send button at the bottom."

Your Auteur Name:

Title of video:

Email Address:

Category (pick one):

Rating (pick one - What do they mean?):

Personal Web Link, if you have your own website:

Link to Fanvid:

Summary of fanvid (recommended):

Comments/Additional Instructions:

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