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Missing You Around Christmas (AAMRN)

Christmas Vows (Gen.)

Cerulean Woman (AAMRN)

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Summary for Christmas Vows: Home for Christmas and friends Brock and Misty are joining Ash under his family Christmas tree once again. But Misty’s been acting strange. Days ago she seemed so excited about shopping and waiting for Christmas Day. Now she’s moping and hardly speaks to anyone! This happens every year around Christmas. What’s her dark Christmas tale anyway??

Summary for Cerulean Woman: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - It's been years since Ash has gone back home from his pokemon journey. Brock's been busy and he hasn't heard from Misty in ages. Just when he starts to get lonesome an old friend calls in for a surprise visit. Will this be the start of a new life or is it just a mere reflection into the past? Read to find out.

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