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Reading Between The Lines (AAMRN)

Read My Mind (AAMRN)

Snow*Flake (AAMRN)

Love Is A Serious Game (Gen.)

Under The Mistletoe (AAMRN)

Perfect (Gen.)

Hen Night (AAMRN)

The Proposal (AAMRN)

And They Lived Happily Ever - um... LINE!? (AAMRN)

Can't Get My Love Together (AAMRN)

Heart & Soul (AAMRN)

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Chastity (AAMRN)

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Coming Back (AAMRN)

Domestic Bliss (AAMRN)

Flowers For Her (AAMRN)

Just Turn Around (AAMRN)

Listen to the Experts (AAMRN)

One Last Good Hand (AAMRN)

Spontaneous (AAMRN)

What Daddy Would Have Wanted (Gen.)

X (O)

Kaleidoscope (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -

Prickly Heat (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

Summary for And They Lived Happily Ever – um… LINE!?: : An owed favour and a prolonged Pokémon check-up land Ash, Misty and Tracey back on the Showboat, and in Ash’s case, into some tights. Without their ‘magically speaking’ Pokémon, Kay and the others are forced to use themselves as real actors for a weekend, and draft in Ash and the others to pad the numbers out. The production in question? A pantomime. Cinderella to be exact. And of course, we’re all familiar with how Buttons pines after Cinderella, but she goes off with her Prince Charming… or is the other way around?

Summary for Can’t Get My Love Together: : Ash and Misty get into a fight, and Misty takes her threats a step too far by actually braving the bug-infested forest alone. In the end she takes refuge with Delia Ketchum, leaving Ash to stew over his thoughts alone for a bit

Summary for Heart & Soul: : Brock and Tracey are gone...but not forgotten! Their immortal souls are plucked from 'limbo' by Catalia - the beautiful and mysterious Head Fate Angel, because of a little problem with the now adult Ash and Misty back on Earth...can Brock and Tracey work together in death like they never really had the chance to in life? Will the fact that they have bright yellow and pink wings respectively cause friction? And they'll have to keep their lust in check, cos as Catalia says... "not all Angels are good." Too bad they seem to have forces pulling on their poor post-death persons from every direction, and they can’t seem to accept what Heaven and Helios are *really* like…

Summary for Hen Night: : One of the most awkward situations a woman can be in is when she is asked to organise the Hen Night of the woman who is marrying the man that she is herself in love with. In fact, Misty is so in love with Ash and so untrustworthy of Melody, that she believes that a little sabotage is in order, along with the aid of her sister, Lily. The things women do for love…

Summary for Love Is A Serious Game: : The tension as his body brushed hers...

Summary for Read My Mind: : On route to Trovita Island, Ash, Misty and Tracey stop for a little R&R. Tracey, predictably runs off to sketch things, leaving Ash and Misty a little alone time, to realise what exactly being a friend to each other entails.

Summary for Reading Between The Lines: : The guys get annoyed as Misty decides she wants to become a writer, and sets out writing a self-help book for girls who travel with groups of guys. Living with ‘Miasmic Ketchitt’ is a daunting prospect for Ash, and in the end she leaves to take up a golden opportunity in Goldenrod City. However, when she becomes a published author, Ash just happens to pick up her book and… leaf through a few pages, reading a detailed, but cryptic account of her life with him and the other guys – what’s also rather cryptic is the message to him, asking him to ‘read between the lines’.

Summary for Snow*flake: : If you don't have a date, then the Yule Dance isn't something you look forward to with vast amounts of glee... Misty is still very much a relationship-virgin, although she's not entirely sure if it's by choice or not - while Ash, harbouring a crush on Giselle, boasts that he simply can't find a girl worthy of being on his arm... add the less than perfect white dress into the concoction... and... you just might make a rainbow.

Summary for The Proposal: : Or: What Happens When You Let Brock and Tracey Give You Romantic Advice. After dating her for zillions of years, Ash decides it’s time to pop the question to his lovely red-headed girlfriend on their anniversary. Maybe the fact that it was the *thirteenth* anniversary of the day they met, and he, incidentally totally wrecked her bicycle, that should have warned him to wait a while…

Summary for Under The Mistletoe: : Well I mean anyone’s going to get a little vexed when the person they like has been mooching around under the mistletoe at the Christmas Party for ages, yet run screaming into a table when you dare to come near them. So as Misty trashes their room, and Brock gets exceedingly drunk, Ash wonders how to give her her Christmas present without insulting her further.

Summary for Chastity: : There was an incident. 'Mistakes' were made. Or at least this is how Brock tells it. To put it bluntly and correctly, Ashy-boy has knocked up Misty; in the pregnant sense of the word. However, there are three certain Sensational Sisters who can't accept that they are to be aunties at the grand old age of twentysomething. Their plan of action is to kidnap the barely bumped eighteen year old Misty, and subject the lecherous Ketchum to a series of 'tests', which he must pass if he has any chance of seeing Misty or his child again. Ash must come through under pressure! Prove you're an absolutely upstanding member of society and fantastic father material and the sisters will let you have your bizarre little family back. If you should fail... then Lily at least will make very sure that you can never impregnate anyone ever again...

Summary for Coming Back: : The League mourns the loss of a talented young Trainer. Misty can’t believe it – there was a cave-in at Mount Silver, but he had sent her a message saying he was coming back to see her, to tell her how he felt, but he got caught anyway. But... he was never one to break a promise.

Summary for Domestic Blis: : Ash loves his wife. Really he does. He just can’t get his head around periods. Not that he wants to. Ew! Too bad Misty suffers from fourteen day bouts of uterus-wracking agony every month. It’s also too bad that he invited Todd and Duplica around to do ‘coupley stuff’ while his mallet-wielding wife has taken to the solitude of the dark sitting room, and the comfort of hot water bottles and wearing Ash’s boxers…

Summary for Flowers For Her: : The hardest bunch of flowers Ash ever had to buy.

Summary for Listen to the Experts: : Brock is teetering on the edge of a mature relationship. Honestly. And relationship veterans Ash and Tracey decide to offer their slightly jaded advice about co-habiting with the opposite gender.

Summary for One Last Good Hand: : It’s just an innocent little game of cards… Well, no, actually, it’s foreplay inspired by an issue of Cosmopolitan…

Summary for Perfect: : Lazy, hazy summer days in Pallet Town, and Ash is on the sofa watching a ‘Best Battles Of Bruno’ marathon… or at least he’d like to be. He lost a bet to Misty, and therefore must aid her making chocolate crêpes. This is one of those moments where Misty really wishes that her best friend was a girl, especially when Ash ends up unintentionally playing paintball with the batter.

Summary for Spontaneous: : Misty gets a British cursing character, as her recent boyfriend in a long line of losers jilts her for a seductress in kitten heels. Pulling her out of her fridge, Ash and Brock arrange a holiday to the Orange Archipelago, where she can be spontaneous and find a new love- but Brock mysteriously backs out of at the last moment... Misty doubts he has a hot date... and why is Ash suddenly so addicted to cherryade?!

Summary for What Daddy Would Have Wanted: : What exactly was Kasumi thinking the night before she left the Cerulean Gym, and why did her sisters let her go?

Summary for Letter: Delia writes her weekly letter to her husband.

Summary for Kaleidoscope: Against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses in pre-Tudor England, two sisters, daughters of a great, deceased Knight, find themselves making their way across the war-torn country. Seeking refuge from their tyrannical and traitorous stepfather, Misty and Violet travel with their uncle's squire, Ashton, amidst a troupe of gypsies. The class system is forgotten as Ash and Misty fall for each other, and become betrothed; but as the Italian army masses, Ash and many of their family and friends are sent off to fight. Misty and Violet carry on alone, needing to make it to Ash's mother's estate in far off Palletonshire - Misty's only comfort being her sister, her engagement ring and the far off promise of peace and a Knighthood for her love, allowing their marriage to be recognised. Picking their way across countryside and back streets, surviving as two young women in a world of men and war, Misty and Violet gain - and lose - friends and companions in their quest for safety. All life is like a kaleidoscope - one moment it can seem almost perfection, but with one small movement, the pieces shift, and nothing is as it was.

Summary for Prickly Heat: All Misty wants is a normal relationship. It seems like every other woman in the world is off with their perfect boyfriends making mind-blowing love in libraries, parks, the poultry aisle in the supermarket, etc, etc. However, the first time she persuades Ash to try a little al-fresco loving, they get snapped by the paparazzi. So horrified is Ash by the sight of his captured in mid-motion bare bottom gracing the front of every tabloid from here to Hoenn that he immediately slaps a ban on everything you could ever consider outside the norms of sex. Misty, understandably a little aggravated by this, finally convinces him that all they need is to take a frisky holiday, incognito, so no one will recognise him...

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