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The Ancient Pendant I (Gen.)

The Ancient Pendant II (Gen.)

Missing My Other Half (AAMRN)

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Summary for The Ancient Pendant I: A deadly race of aliens known as the Sentinals has threatened to take over the Pokemon world. However, Ash Ketchum is there to stop them. He uses the Ancient Pendant, which gives them great powers, to attempt to stop their reign of terror. Will Ash be able to save the Pokemon world before it is destroyed?

Summary for The Ancient Pendant II: Ash and Misty are on their way to destroy the Sentinals base in Mt. Sivler. On their way, they discover a new enemy. And when they get to Mt. Silver, another new enemy awaits them. How will Ash save the world if this new threat takes the Pendant. There is a slight AAMRN in this one.

Summary for Missing My Other Half: Ash and Misty haven't seen eachother in five years. When Ash throws a party, will Misty and Ash finally be united in a romantic way.

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