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The Last Chronicle (AAMRN)

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The Way I Am (TR)

Parts:   1  -

Summary for The Way I Am: Rated - R (Restricted) - Hey. This is Giovanni here. Before we officially get started, I got a couple things to say to all of you: First, you've a lot of nerve to be comin' up in here, all up in MY business, usin' up MY precious time with YOUR stupid crap! I wanna make somethin' real clear: I don't owe none of you nothin'! I'm doin' this because I want to, period. Get that in your heads. The second thing: I'll tell you what this thing's about exactly. Truth be told, it's about a lot of different stuff, but mostly, it's just about me. Seems everyone out there's writing up their own autobiography, and crammin' the freakin' bookstore with their sorry, pathetic bs. Frankly, I'm sick of it, and with everyone flooding MY personal shelf-space with all their questions about me, Team Rocket, and what the heck I was thinking--blah, blah, blah; on and on--I figured, "what the nookie man. I guess I'll jus' put my own brain-crack out there!" So here it is baby: everything. In sum, I am a very, very, VERY bad, bad man kiddo. I don't want any of you thinking anything different--and you probably don't anyway. But for the record, I ain't what most of you thought. Nor am I what most of you currently think. And you bet your fanny I ain't never gonna be what none of you think I should, can, or could be! Naw, THIS is the way I am, and thatís the bottom line!

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