=Chapter 3=

By Waterviper and Mystic Mewtwo
Special Thanks to LP and Sylph Knight for lending us the Realm of Perraldra and Halo Palace! ^.^
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“Lil’ miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, drinking her gasoline…”

        Sparky whistled lightly as he trotted nonchalantly along. He had on his usual attire—black slicker, glossy boots, gloves, mask; night vision goggles, waterproof wristwatch/micro radio; criss-crossed shoulder belts, decked with the various tools of his trade; and, of course, his good’ol utility belt, laden with the professional thief’s most trusted side arms—his team of Pokèmon.

        He was in good spirits. Tonight was going to be the night. He, and his other two comrades in crime, had been planning this grand theft for weeks.

        “…along came a spider…”

        Should their well-laid schemes go wrong, however…

        “…with his cigarette lighter…”

        …There would be hell to pay.

        “…and blew her to smitherines!” Sparky snickered loudly, trying but failing to conceal his amusement with his own ridiculous antics. As usual, he wasn’t entirely in tune with the true weight of his task.

        Someone clipped the young villain upside the back of his head.

        “Ow! Who thu he-!?” He spat, turning to face the offender.

        “Shuddup, you idiot!” Rainer’s tense voice cut him off sharply.

        “What?” Skarky hissed back. “For the love of freedom and sanity, there’s not a freakin’ person conscious up here, except for you, me, and…” He paused, looking over Rainer’s shoulder. A few feet away, another dark-clad figure nodded toward him. “…and Pyro. Nothing’s going-”

        “Yeah, yeah—nothing’s going to happen! Bull-crap!” Rainer glared at his younger accomplice. “Do you really understand the magnitude of tonight’s operations? We’re bustin’ into a maximum-security vault, man! A vault! Not some stupid little museum filled with dim-witted security staff. One mistake will kill you, me, Pyro—everything.”

        The thieving trio were positioned atop a dark ledge overlooking the dimly lit facilities they were about to intrude upon. Behind them, two regular security personnel (aka previously encountered specimens, described accurately in chapter 1) lay motionless, their minds off in never-never land, along with their Grwolithe companions.

        Rainer nodded toward the complex of soaring, twenty story towers and parapets, their slate-gray hulk surrounded by fifty-foot granite walls that were topped with glistening coils electric barbwire. “See that?” He chided solemnly. “That’s Gypsum Hall, home to some of the world’s most dangerous artifacts. You’ve done your own homework, I assume?”

        “Yeah, sure.” Sparky replied casually. “Let me see--built around 1925 by some rich tycoon; used to store his world collection of old archaic—but extremely valuable!—junk; seized in 1975 and guarded for a couple of decades by a joint team of CIA and FBI people.” He took a seat on the wall’s edge. “Then the U.S. Government officially took it over.”

        “Not bad. You know what happens after that?”

        “No clue.”

        “After that, Gypsum was assigned to the military’s special forces for another twelve years.” Rainer leaned in closer. His voice became a low rumble in Sparky’s ear. “But four or so years ago, they started having some serious problems there. Personnel began to disappear. And then some were found dead—frozen solid, jolt-fried, or burned to a smoldering crisp. So, the United States bureaucracy closed the place down, leaving its treasure stove within, and sealing it tighter than Fort Knox. They left a contingency force outside, but then those guys started turning up dead, too.” He paused as Pyro joined the group, following Rainer’s intent gaze. “So, about two years ago, when all the investigators on the thing started disappearing, they finally left the place altogether.”

        “Tsh! That’s bullcrap.” Sparky snorted. “It’s obviously just another one of the US Government’s elaborate cover-ups for some other crazy project of theirs that they didn’t want leaking out into the public.”

        “Rainer, dude,” Pyro quipped, “you’ve been reading those phony-baloney websites again, haven’t you.”

        Rainer chuckled. “You think I’m kidding?”

        “We had to take out two security guards to get up here.” Pyro stated flatly. “They still looked alive to me. I think the whole thing was a hoax.”

        “Maybe, but you’ll think again before it’s all over.”

        Rainer gestured toward the sprawling grounds. The whole complex stretched itself like a colossal tarantula over its enormous acreage. From the castle’s six, massive towers, several hundred spotlight beams plowed into the shadowed grounds below, making Gypsum Hall look more like a prison than the state-of-the-art museum it had originally been.

        “This was all government property, and they gave it up because they couldn’t handle it. Who do you think controls the place now?”

        “Is this another ‘twenty questions’ trip?” Sparky sneered.

        “Just one, brother: who takes over after something gets too big for the bureaucracy?”

        Rainer’s two companions just stared blankly at him.

        “Ever heard of a reclusive organization known as The Elite?”

        That last line seemed to catch both his brothers’ attention.

        “The Elite?” Pyro and Sparky exchanged uneasy glances as Rainer put his elbows on the low wall surrounding their outcropping, leaning against it. He continued to stare at the dark compound.

        “Yes, gentlemen… The Elite have their stakes very deeply implanted in this damned plot of earth. Since the two years they’ve been in charge here, nothing’s gone wrong. They’ve just sort of melted right in.”

        Pyro interjected. “Why didn’t you tell us this before now?”

        Rising slowly, Rainer reached out, putting a hand on the shoulder of each of his two comrades. “Because I wasn’t sure until today.” He looked from one to the other. “This is quickly turning into our hardest operation yet.”

        “The Elite…” Sparky repeated, the full weight of his plight beginning to sink in. “Crap! What thu’ell do they want from this old scrap heap?”

        “I assume the same thing we’re here to snatch.”

        “The Dreadfire Crescents?”

        “You got it.”

        “So,” Pyro conceded sourly, “what do you suppose they’ll have for us? Sentinels, VXT Chasers, the usual assortment of automated killer droids—a few agents, perhaps?”

        “They’ll have everything and more.”

        Sparky shifted uneasily. “Fine job we’ve got ourselves.”

        Rainer gave the other two a reassuring clap on the back. “A fine job, indeed—well worth the pay.” He plucked a couple of Pokèballs from his waist. “Do or die, brethren. Let’s get to it.”

With no further comments, the three ducked behind the wall, running flat along its concealing mass before dropping silently off into a small nook on its side. Descending through an open sewage drain, they came upon a cleverly hidden side door. Rainer unhinged its locks with relative ease, and the three entered, melting silently into the shadows beyond.

Ash pushed Duplica’s hand back, re-aiming his gun at her.

“This had better not be some kind of trick.”

        Mimique gave him a sly smile. “A trick? Now, why would I try that?”

        “Because it fits your job description.” Un-cocking his revolver’s hammer he nodded sideways toward Brock. “And I know you.” He continued, turning his attention back to Duplica. “I see now that you’ve been with these Elite people from the beginning, not otherwise, as you would have me think.” He slipped his pistol back into its black body vest’s internal holster.

        Mimique’s glittering eyes danced, teasing the object they beheld. “Do you really think that?”

        Ash signed wearily. “No. As of this moment, I’m making it a strict point not to finalize anything.” He grasped Duplica halfway above her elbow and began to march her through the ballroom’s back door, Brock alternately taking her other arm the same way. “But regardless of what any of us think, you will take us to The Elite and you will do it right now.”

        Duplica smiled, blasé despite her vulnerable position. “Whatever you say, Ashy. But I’m telling you, it’s not my hands you’re all playing into anymore.”

        They all passed through the door and into the adjacent hallway, following Mimique’s lead as she nodded toward another conjunction.

        “Oh really?” Ash countered derisively. “Then keep talking. Before we meet these Elite, I want to know everything you know about them.” Ash continued, as they all clomped down the long, double row of hotel doors (“This place is endless!” He thought despairingly to himself). “You’re going to tell us who they are, what they do, and most especially, why they want-”

        Duplica’s giggling cut him off. “Ashy, dear! You’re such a control freak!”

        “Considering who I’m with, I’ll take that as a compliment.” He growled back, gripping her arm harder. “Now, start talking! Who’re The Elite?”

        Duplica tossed her lustrous, emerald hair. “That’s really not necessary, dear.”

        Something tapped Mimique lightly on the shoulder. Turning her head, Duplica almost shoved her nose right into the cold, steel barrel of a .26 colt. She stared down the dull, cobalt pipe.

        A pair of stormy, cerulean-blue eyes glared back.

        “Just answer the question.” Misty snapped. “And don’t call him ‘dear’.”

        “Excuse me, Carrot, was I talking to you?” Duplica replied degradingly.

        “Is that the way you address an old acquaintance?” Misty rebuffed.

        Duplica gave her a strange look. “Not often. Am I suppose to know you, hottie?”

        “Well, maybe not, Dupilca.” The water trainer smiled back. “It’s been a while since you came to Cerulean.”

        “…Misty?” Duplica’s face instantly lit up. “Oh my gawd! You’ve changed so much! Look at you. Hell, you’re sexier than me!” She turned to Ketchum. “Ash, let me go—I have a friend to talk to.”

        Ash gave Misty a sidelong glance. “You think you can handle her?”

        Misty sighed wearily. “We’ll be fine, Ash. We’ve got a little history together.”

        “Fine.” He allowed grudgingly. Turning to Duplica, he advised sternly, “Alright, you’re off the hook for now, but when I ask again, you will talk.” The whole group had stopped in the middle of the hallway. Ash gazed down the isle’s final extension. “Now, tell me where we go from here.”

The group of six Elite potentials marched resolutely on toward their final destination, Ash and Brock leading, Misty and Duplica in the middle (already they were immersed in amiable, feminine conversation), and Samurai and Giselle casually bringing up their rear.

Ferdinand Carlos and Clay Griffin watched the group’s progress via a new monitor, this one a more standard, solid crystal version. It belonged to a broad, flat black device that looked similar to a laptop, only about twice the average size. It sat on a round glass table, situated in the mirrored room’s center, casting its own pale light into the surrounding reflective panels. Two junior agents disappeared behind their hidden entryways, leaving the display device and its table, plus several slender chairs made from an odd, transparent jade substance in a neat semicircle around the horizontal ellipse and its coal-colored display.

        The group came on, getting closer with every step to their irresistible yet unrealized destiny.

        Carlos and Griffin exchanged a knowing glance. They’d been through this process a hundred times and over, but every “interview” always proved itself to be a unique experience. To be honest, there was no telling just how things would go. Already, the night was stretching far beyond its originally intended time frame.

        Carlos smiled to himself.

        People, no matter how basal and unswervingly predictable they were, could still always surprise you.

        And those were the individuals The Elite were primarily looking for.

* * *

The tranquil waters did not stir as Ki glided like winged silk overhead, her graceful image reflecting upon their glassy surface with a fine resolution that no dressing room mirror could ever hope to equal. Her autumn hair flowed elegantly behind her, their lustrous strands radiating brilliantly in the full moon’s lunar rays. In the distance, the faint, melodic tinkling of several fountains could be heard, accompanied by the soothing rush from a chorus of churning waterfalls. And in the atmosphere around Ki, the pervading incantations of Lord Mewtwo’s evening lullaby weaved their way in, out, and all around the sprawling grounds of their grand palace at Halo Perraldra.

        Ki settled upon a stretch of soft beach turf, her light boots leaving neither print nor trace in the flexible, swaying blades. The grass had been imported to their majestic home, like almost everything else in the vast hanging gardens that ran through and surrounded the palace’s cascading levels. In the complex’s center, a single, soaring pagoda-styled tower rose into the night, glimmering a soft, pale-lavender under the bright moon. Its seven tiers curled like blushes of soft cloud, laced with veins of silver and gold, and at their tips, the poised images of Suicune, Raicou and Entei kept eternal vigil over the keep’s broad perimeter.

        Ki smiled. That part of the design had been her idea. The other, seven smaller towers exhibited the same features, just downscaled. Every building in the palace was built with a new composite rock that Lord Mewtwo himself had developed—a super-form of marble and granite; many times stronger and more enduring. Its exact properties were unknown to Ki, but the compound’s atomic structure and chemical makeup were modified so that, with only the thought, the entire grounds—the palace and its gardens—could be uprooted from its current location by its rulers (either Mewtwo or Ki, only) and transported to another point in the Perraldrann realm. To leave their realm and pass into another was a different matter and required the special grant of passage rights by the territory’s reigning lord.

        With a thought, Ki vanished from the gardens of Halo, teleporting her collective molecules through space and time, back into the warm comfort of her-


Ki reeled backward as a seismic shockwave rippled through the air, sending the Lady of Halo flying clear across the spacious living room in the center of her lofting home and into a collision course with an unfortunate couch. The piece of slight furniture crumpled and splintered as Ki instinctively encased herself in a spherical, psychic shield.

        Rolling to a stop, she disengaged the pulsating violet orb around her and stood up, glowing eyes scanning the room. A yard or so away, two pairs of trembling, elongated velvety feet protruded from underneath another couch’s drapery.

        Hands on her hips, Ki shook her head, a maternal look of dismay on her plush features.

        “Alright you two!” She boomed, raiser her open palms in front of her. “Get out here—NOW!”

        And with that, she clenched her fists, and two protesting mewtwo pups came flying from under their ostrich’s hiding place and into their mother’s outstretched arms.

        “It’s not my fault, momma!” The first, a young female of about five-and-a-halfish to six instantly piped. “Morgy started it!”

        “Uh-uh! It was Brina’s idea!” The other, a young male of about the same age, simultaneously accused. “She said that daddy-!”

        “Okay, okay! That’s enough already!” Ki interjected, bringing the quarrel to a halt. Gingerly, she set her sniffling children down in front of her on the springy, teal carpet. “I don’t really care who started it this time. Just tell me what the hell you were doing!”

        Brianna’s emerald eyes shimmered like twin, bejeweled saucers. “Momma, Morgy was bragging at me again!” She sniffled, dramatically wiping a summoned tear with one of her three, mewtwish fingers. “He said he got to watch daddy run through his simulator last night and that he got to learn a new attack.”

        Morgan bounced jovially on his long tail, the young mewtwo’s sleek, velvet-blue coat radiating his excitement. “Yeah! I did! I can do Psychic now, momma! See! Watch this-!”

        Ki promptly disabled her son as he reared back viciously, a small, but volatile aura of kinetic energy beginning to shimmer into existence before his minute frame.

        “Yes, that’s wonderful, Morgan—but, please (how many times do I have to tell you) not in the house!”

        “Aw! You killed it.” The young mewtwo whined, returning to the floor. He assumed a neutral sphinx-like position. “Can I show you it later? It’s really cool!”

        Ki gave her son a solemn look. “Yes, I know. I’ve watched your father use it before.”

        Brianna leaned over toward her brother. “Morgy, you made momma sad.” She whispered.

        “Uh-uh!” he retaliated, crossing his small arms stubbornly. “Momma, when’d you see daddy use Psychic?”

        “On a day I hope to soon forget, dear. Now, come, both of you—it’s time for bed.”

        “Aw! What day was that momma? Please, tell us!” Morgan pleaded, bobbing up and down excitedly as Ki took his hand and began to lead him and Brianna toward the room’s central port.

        Ki smiled, amused with her son’s persistence. “Someday, dear, when you’re older, your father will tell you himself.”

        “Okay…” Morgan conceded, hovering along beside his mother. … It was Brina’s fault, you know! He sent telepathically.

        Nu-uh! Brianna interjected.

        Hush, children. Ki replied. Make peace with each other, and do not fight like this again.

        Brianna looked down at the floor, then over at her brother. I’m sorry Morgy.

        Morgan yawned sleepily. Leaning against his mother, he reached his tail around behind her and tapped Brianna lightly on the back.

        That’s okay; I’m sorry, too. You weren’t hurt, were you?

        No, I’m okay. Brianna returned, yawning. Nigh-night, Morgy. I’ll see you t’morrow.

        ’Night, sis.

        As the trio ascended the tower’s central teleport shaft, Brianna drifted off to sleep and vanished to her own chambers high in the pagoda’s upper rooms.

        Ki turned to her son.

        You’ve learned an important lesson today, dear. She advised soothingly.

        Yes, momma… Morgan mumbled drowsily, drifting into sleep. Suddenly, his small head popped up. “…What lesson?” He puzzled aloud.

        Ki laughed. Scooping her son up, she held him close to her and smiled. Morgan, you, your brother and your sisters have been given a special gift. You can do things most people only dream about; you have power few other beings possess. Do you understand me, dear?

        Morgan hugged tightly to Ki. No, momma, not really. Daddy said something like that yesterday, but I didn’t understand what he was talking about either.

        What did your father tell you last night, when he taught your mind its new ability?

        He said to guard it; he said not to use it unless I had to… He said to use it to protect… everyone.

        And he’s right, dear. She held her son at arm’s length in front of her. You were born for a special purpose, Morgan—a purpose too big for you to even begin to imagine now. Use your abilities wisely. Someday, the world will call upon you to do great things. It will be hard, Morgan… She released him. …But you are your father’s son. You will prevail.

        Morgan’s image faded as he teleported to his room.

        Okay. G’night, momma.

        Good night, dear. Sleep well. Ki whispered after him.

Lord Mewtwo sat perfectly still, legs crossed and arms resting, extended to his knees as he levitated several feet above the smooth, obsidian landing on the highest point of Halo’s central tower. Stars winked and twinkled in the night sky, pinpricks of light in the vast expanse of space above. His eyes were closed, but is head was tilted upward, aimed at the heavens. They rose above him, like an endless speckled sheet of velvet black that stretched from horizon to horizon and back again, painting the hemisphere with its void, filling the sky with its myriad of constellations. The High Lord of Perraldran breathed in deeply of his realm, feeling its energy flow through him. His deep, violet epidermis glowed with power.

        Directly above the Psychic lord, another, smaller being hovered in a similar fashion.

        Damian kept his chin pointing skyward, letting the lunar energy soak into his small being. Unlike his bother and sisters, the young mewtwo’s light, violet skin had shed its velvet about eleven months ago—a full year before the projected age for that level of physical maturity. Among Ki and Mewtwo’s children, he was most definitely the undisputed leader. And although Mewtwo and Ki made it a point not to play favorites, it was quite obvious that Damian had received the lion’s share of power and would undoubtedly be his father’s successor.

        Just below his eyelids, a slight sheen of radiant, blue light peeked through. He bent his mind and body on feeling the atmosphere outside of himself. He pushed, expanding his consciousness, reaching beyond his physical shell. Below him, he could feel his father, holding him up so he could get a better range. Above him, and all around, he could feel the night beckon him forth. Through depths of space and time, Damian’s mental projection raced, sailing across the sprawling complex of his home at Halo, over the surrounding countryside, through forests, meadow, brook and stream; he hurtled toward the borders of Perraldran, accelerating, going faster and faster until he shot triumphantly over the top of the last peak. And there his mind stood, beholding the world without.

        A strong, forbidding presence lurked in the deep valleys beyond.

        That is the realm of another, my son. A deep but calm and reassuring voice reverberated through the atmosphere. You have done well. Come home.

        Damian’s violet eyes shot open as his subconscious mind realigned itself with his conscious, physical being.

        “Holy cow!” He gasped.

        Mewtwo ascended, floating beside the young heir to his realm.

        When you are stronger, Damian, you will be able to transport your consciousness farther, beyond this realm, He put a hand on his son’s small shoulder, without the need for me to assist you.

Ki teleported to the roof, arriving just in time to meet her son, Damian, on his way down.

        Well, hello dear. She greeted, embracing him warmly.

        Hi, mom! He beamed. You’ll never guess where I’ve been!

        She kissed him lightly on the forehead and released him. Did your father take you flying again?

        Sure did! Damian affirmed happily. I made it all the way out of Perraldra this time!

        That’s wonderful, dear!

        Thanks, mom! He looked around the landing. Is Morgan already asleep?

        Yes, dear. He-

        Ah, darn it all! I know what happened. He wore himself out using his Psychic attack. Damian shook his head. Man, I told him so!

        It’s not your fault dear. Your brother and sisters still have a long way to go. She smiled. But it’s good that you’re looking out for them.

        Yeah, that’s what I do alright. Still, He sighed, I wish Morgan was awake right now. I wanted to show him the Raiquaza constellation.

        Ki gazed introspectively up at the starlit sky. Raiquaza won’t go away for a while, dear… It was then that she caught site of Mewtwo.

        She turned back to Damian.

        You’ll be able to show Morgan tomorrow. Bending down, she kissed him again lightly on the forehead. Go rest now. Your father and I must talk for a while.

        Sure, mom.

        ’Love you, dear.

        ’Love you, mom. Good night.

        Good night, Damian. Be up early for training with your father tomorrow; make sure Morgan’s up, too.

        I will, mom.

        As Damian vanished from the obsidian landing, Ki’s gaze returned to where Mewtwo had been.

        But he was not there.

        Turning in a half circle, she scanned the area for her mate’s psychic trail. She frowned slightly. Ever since Mewtwo had become a sanctioned “Realm Lord”, as they called it, he’d been granted an incredibly vast array of new powers and abilities. And of course, he’d become maddeningly more adept at his old ones.

        She was about to probe the gardens below when something warm brushed lightly against her back.

        “Ah! There you are.” Ki purred smoothly.

        A pair of immense, muscular arms hugged her from behind. Their deep, violet membrane glowed a lighter, pale-blue hue in the moonlight.

        Good evening, my love. A very deep, baritone voice reverberated all through her.

        You sneaky devil! Ki teased playfully. She let herself fall into Mewtwo’s strong but delicate embrace. Damian looked excited. You two have a good time?

        Mewtwo sighed. Yeah… Did he tell you? We got him over Shaman peak. It was truly remarkable. Our son has talent, no doubts about that.

        Just like his father, I guess. Ki whispered.

        Indeed. Mewtwo release Ki, coming around to float beside her. However, it’s my hope that he will eventually grow to be far more powerful than he is now.

        Ki’s head tilted sideways as she peered over at her partner. Do you think he will be ready for such a responsibility?

        When the time comes, he will be.

        Ki tapped Mewtwo’s bicep.

        You’re looking really good. How’s the new trainer for you?

        Mewtwo chuckled.

        I think the Snorlax we had last week knew more than this goof-ball Machamp we’ve got now. He spent the first ten minutes trying to remember what a dumbbell was, and then he started off on this ridiculous Richard Simmons routine. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

        For a while, they both just stared into the night sky, soaking in the serenity, enjoying each other’s company.

A shooting star streaked across, heading to unknown parts of the realm. Tracing a path through the heavens.

Make a wish? Ki whispered softly.

Mewtwo smiled.

Yes, he answered, quietly.

He closed his eyes for a moment, as did she. In a minute, he reopened them, and then touched his lips to hers in a tender kiss. She leaned into his kiss, as he pulled her closer to him.

Mmm… Was this your wish?

He grinned


Can’t tell you, or it won’t come true.

She giggled as he scooped her into his arms, and teleported them to their quarters to proceed their nightly ritual before retiring.


A small voice caused Ki to crack open an eye some time later during the night. A pair of amethyst eyes was fixated on her.
At first she thought it was Damian, until she caught sight of the azure colored body. She opened her other eye, and sat up quietly so as not to disturb her mate.

Aaryanna, darling, what’s wrong? Ki spoke to her youngest child in a hushed whisper.

A bad dream, the little girl sniffled.

Ki reached down, and picked her up, setting her in her lap. She stroked an ear softly, looking into her eyes.
Both her, and Damian got their daddy’s eyes. While Damian’s was fierce, and determined, Aaryanna’s was soft, and compassionate, full of emotion, and they were clouded with fear, and confusion now.

Want to tell me about it?

Aaryanna nodded.

Ok, she replied.

She took a deep breath.

There was this huge place with a lot of people in it. It was supposed to be a party, and then something bad happened, she began, Men with metal sticks that made noise came, and started destroying things. They were hurting people. Then two men from the party got their own metal sticks, and started defending themselves.

Metal sticks? For a moment, Ki was puzzled, then it dawned on her. Guns. Suddenly she was very afraid for her daughter.

Those metal sticks are called guns, she told her, quietly, And they are very bad things. What else happened?

They were also trying to protect a little girl, and her mother, Aaryanna continued, There were Pokémon too. A Pikachu helped out a lot with its attacks. There was a Pichu too, but it was the little girl’s pet.

The two men with the Pikachu finally won, and two others helped out too, plus the little girl’s mother. The girl, and her Pichu went off in the men’s van to safety. After the bad men were gone, a man started talking, but the man wasn’t there. It was just his voice, and he told them it was all a setup. That he was making them take a test, and they passed. And now they were part of The Elite. They had to go upstairs to meet him.

She frowned a moment.

Mommy, what’s The Elite?

By this point, Mewtwo had already stirred awake, and was listening in. At Aaryanna’s question of The Elite, he reached across to Ki, and gently plucked his young daughter off her mother’s lap into his.
He gazed at her seriously.

The Elite is a secret organization of highly regarded members, he said, solemnly, Only the best belong. But the organization is not exactly peaches, and cream.

They are always involved with some dangerous feat or another, he continued, Their lives are always at risk.

What will the new people do? Aaryanna asked, softly.

They’ll have to accept, he answered, gravely, Or be eliminated. They would know too much.

That’s sad, she replied, teary-eyed.

He kissed the top of her head softly.

Don’t worry about them, baby, he assured her, They’ll be okay.

He kissed her again.

Now I want you back in bed, he told her, It’s way too late for you to be up. And I want you to forget about those people, ok?

Ok, daddy, she replied.

She kissed his cheek.


She went to her mother, and kissed her.

Good night, mommy.

Good night, sweetheart.

She kissed her back. Mewtwo set his daughter down, and she ran off to teleport to her room.
Ki, and Mewtwo shared a look between the two of them after she’d gone.

Do you think we should worry? Ki asked him, concerned.

He shook his head.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, he answered, But I’d watch her closely for awhile. Her dream was a vision. And though we are not directly affected by this now, we could be later.

He settled back onto bed, and nestled down in the bed covers, pulling her close.

Now it’s best we get back to sleep, he said, closing his eyes.

Ki nodded, and closed her eyes as well. In a few minutes, both were sleeping soundly.

Morning came, and Ki got up, and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Mewtwo went to the palace’s gym for his morning exercises.
As soon as breakfast was ready, Ki called him to the table. Then began rounding up the kids from bed.
Soon they were all seated at the table.

Can I have cereal, momma? Morgan asked.

May I, she corrected him, And yes, you may.

She picked up a box of Fruit Loops, and poured the cereal into Morgan’s bowl. Then she added milk.
Morgan picked up his spoon, and began munching on his breakfast happily. Taking small sips from his glass of apple juice once in a while.

I want some too, momma, Brianna prompted.

Ki poured the cereal for her oldest daughter into her bowl. Brianna declined milk in the cereal, and settled for a glass of it instead.
Morgan gave his sister an annoyed look.

Must you copy me all the time? he asked her.

I’m not copying you, she answered, glaring back, I wanted some cereal too. You’re not the only one.

He stuck his tongue out at her, and she returned the gesture.

No fighting, children, Ki reprimanded them, Especially not at the table.

Sorry, momma, they replied in unison, looking ashamed.

They quietly went back to eating their breakfast, and Ki assisted with her other children. When she finished, she sat down at her place next to Mewtwo to have her own breakfast.
He nuzzled her cheek in greeting, and she smiled. Then reached for a pancake, a biscuit, and a sausage, and arranged the food neatly on her plate.
She picked up her fork, and started on the pancake first.

Damian quietly slid down from his chair, leaving his half eaten breakfast. He made his way to his younger brother’s chair. He was too excited to tell him about last night to wait any longer.
He tapped the blue mewtwo on the shoulder. Morgan looked over down at his brother.

What? he asked, his spoon halfway in his mouth from taking a bite.

Guess what I did last night? he answered, starting to bounce on his feet a little from the excitement.

What? Morgan inquired again.

I went “flying” again, and made it all the way out of Perraldra this time! the little mewtwo exclaimed.

Cool! Morgan cried.

Yeah, Damian replied, Dad helped some too…

Damian, Mewtwo’s voice cut in suddenly.

Damian looked up at his father, who gazed a little sternly at his son.

Come back to your seat, and finish your breakfast, he continued, You can tell Morgan later.

Yes, dad, Damian answered, quietly, walking back to his seat.

He climbed back in the chair, and picked up his fork, taking a bite of his scrambled eggs. He kept his eyes on his plate.
Mewtwo nodded his approval, and smiled. This eased Damian’s tension, and he smiled back.
Mewtwo went back to his own breakfast.

A little while later, the family finished, and the table was cleared. The dishes were left in the kitchen sink to clean a little later.
Damian, and Morgan had a little time before they started their training with their father, so they all headed outside to play in the gardens. The brothers went off alone together, Damian telling Morgan of his adventure every step of the way.
He pointed up to the sky one time to show him where he saw the constellation.

The three girls went to play in the sand. Gathering up the small buckets, and shovels that were in a neat pile next to the beach.
A few yards away, Mewtwo, and Ki were at the swing. Mewtwo sat down in the seat, and then set Ki on his lap.
He pushed off, and they were soon gliding smoothly through the air, as the swing carried them back and forth.

Ki giggled, and he grinned as they soared over the sand. The ground was far below them as they went higher, and faster.
Suddenly they sailed right out of the swing, and Ki gasped with fear. But Mewtwo’s telekinetic powers kicked in, and they flew out over the water.
Their three daughters watched wide-eyed from the shore at the display.

Ki sighed with relief, slumping a little against him, and then looked up at him, and started laughing.

You planned that whole thing, didn’t you? she asked him.

He grinned widely.

Yep, he replied, nuzzling her softly.

Sneaky devil, she answered, kissing him.

He kissed her back, and then floated them back to the beach. He landed softly on the sand, and then set Ki down on her feet.
The girls ran up to greet them, and the show even brought Morgan, and Damian running from their remote spot in the gardens to them.

Wow, that was cool, dad, Damian said, as soon as he reached his parents, You, and mom were really flying.

Yeah, Brianna replied.

Mewtwo chuckled.

Yes, it was rather fun, he answered, Wasn’t it, love?

Ki smiled.

Yes, it was.

Then she turned to her children.

But I don’t want either of you trying to do that with yourselves or with your siblings, she told them.

Indeed, Mewtwo agreed, now serious, What your mother, and I do is not to be attempted by you. We don’t want you getting hurt.

Yes, daddy, they all replied.

Now it’s time for Damian, and Morgan to begin their training, he added.

He took both his sons by the hand, and led them to the gym. Ki was left with the girls.
She turned to her daughters.

And we have some dishes to take care of, she told them.

They groaned slightly, and Ki smiled.

Oh, come now, she said, It’s not that bad, and with the four of us working together, we’ll be done in no time.

She teleported them all inside the palace, and then walked towards the kitchen. The girls followed along behind her.
As soon as they reached the kitchen, Ki went to the sink, and stacked the dishes off to the side. Then proceeded to turn on the water, and fill up the sink, adding in soap.
While in the second part of the double sink, she filled it with warm water only.

She pulled two towels, and washcloth from a nearby drawer. She handed the towels to Aaryanna, and Brianna.

You two will dry, and Anika will rinse, she instructed them.

The two girls nodded, and got their towels ready. Ki began washing the dishes one at a time.
Anika took each dish her mother handed her, and rinsed it in the warm water. Then gave it to either of her two sisters.
She alternated the dishes between them.

Before long, all the dishes were clean, and they helped put them away in their proper place. Ki dismissed her daughters, and they scampered off to play in the recreation room. Ki retired to the library, picking up a book laying on the table next to a recliner. She sat down, and nestled back in the soft material.
She opened the book to the page where it was held by a bookmark, and began reading.

When she started nearing the end of the book, she suddenly heard shouting, laughter, and even a bit of deep growling. Confused, and just a little concerned, she put down her book on the table, and started to get up.
Two small blurs of color burst into library, followed by a much larger blur, chasing them around the room. Ki stood in the middle of the frenzy utterly confounded.
The larger blur suddenly tackled the two small blurs, and they all tumbled to the floor.

When they finally rolled to a stop, Ki discovered who they were. The two small ones were Damian, and Morgan. They were panting, and grinning with the excitement of the chase.
Holding them in his grasp was their father. Who was also grinning at his catch.
Ki just stared.

Mewtwo… she finally spoke, What on Earth…?

He looked up at her a bit sheepishly.

I’m sorry, darling, he apologized, The boys, and I were just playing. I guess we got out of hand.

I should think so, she replied, a little sternly, You could’ve hurt something.

Mewtwo let his sons go, and picked himself up from the floor. Damian, and Morgan scrambled up after him.

Go on, and play with your sisters now, ok? he told them, quietly.

Ok, dad, Damian replied.

He, and Morgan left the library, and headed towards the rec room to their sisters. Mewtwo turned his gaze to his mate, who was still regarding him a little harshly.
He wrapped his arms around her waist, and hugged her close. He nuzzled her cheek softly.
Her expression softened, and she smiled, nestling closer.

I am very sorry, my love, he said, quietly.

It’s all right, she answered, softly, I forgive you.

He smiled.

How did Damian, and Morgan’s training go? she asked.

Very well, he answered, Damian is strong as usual, and Morgan continues to improve. He is starting to master flying.

Wonderful, she praised.

The girls, and I have yet to start their training session today, she added, We will this afternoon.

Good, he replied, nodding.

He kissed her on the lips gently, and then released her. He ambled over to the desk in the corner of the library, and sat down at the chair behind it.
The morning mail was laying in a pile near him, and he pulled it over to him. He perused over it, nothing in particular taking his interest.
Then the very last letter caught his eye. An official seal held the envelope closed.

Mewtwo carefully broke the seal, and opened the letter. He read over it, and suddenly his fist came down on the desk with a force to make Ki jump.

Darling, what’s wrong? she asked him, concerned, coming over to the desk.

He didn’t answer. He crumbled the letter in his hand, and let it drop to the floor. His expression was tight, and a mixture of worry, and anger crossed his features.
He then got up from the chair, and walked briskly out of the library.

Ki felt a little hurt at his silence, but knew something was terribly wrong if he wouldn’t even speak to her. She looked down at the letter he dropped, and picked it up. She smoothed out the crinkles, and started reading. When she finished, she dropped the letter in a similar fashion.

Shit… was only her word.

The letter stated this:

From the Desk of The Elite:

You are cordially invited to join the esteem ranks of our organization. A small gala is to be held for you, and other guests who have been chosen prior to this invitation.
You may decline this invite, but it is not recommended that you do.

The letter went on to say where they could be located, and gave a few simple instructions.
It was signed The Elite.

It didn’t matter how it ended up here, or what they knew about Mewtwo, all that mattered at the moment was their lives were in potential danger, especially her mate’s. Ki left the letter on the floor, and took off after Mewtwo.

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