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Shattered Dreams and New Beginnings (AAMRN)

Love Is A Very Dangerous Game (AAMRN)

Memories (AAMRN)

Forgotten (AAMRN)

Love's Path (AAMRN)

True Destiny (AAMRN)

Love's Deceptions (AAMRN)

The Chronicles of Life (AAMRN)

Rushed Love (AAMRN)

New World Arising (AAMRN)

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Summary for Forgotten: Rated PG-14 for mild situtations. Ash has achieved his dream. The dream of becoming a PKMN Master and champion. Thus, his life is still emtpy without her.

Summary for Love's Path: Rated: PG-13. Ash has quit PKMN for quite a while now. He now solemnly walks the world. But, a new friend arises. Is this going to bring good things or bad consequences...

Summary for True Destiny: Rated: PG. Ash and the gang are still enjoying the scenery of this PKMN world. yet, an old love and reminder of a young promise have come back. Is Ash going to achieve that prmise which he made in his young life? and what about Misty, will she finally tell her devotion to him? Or has she lost him ti this new love to find out.

Summary for Love's Deceptions: Rated PG-14. Well, all I can say is that this is not your typical AAMRN.

Summary for Rushed Love: Well its just like the name says; its love on the fast lane.

Summary for New World Arising: In a world where PKMN, Advance Technology, and other Luxuries don't exist (doesn't mean I don't like PKMN ^_~) everything is different. Many of his friends and loved ones; Gone. yet he and the rest of hummanity are slowly redeveloping to this new World...(More Info In Novel)

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